The dragon rider pointed his blade at woman in nuns clothing who stood looking dumbfounded. The dragon rider stepped forwards his blade now within reach of striking men.

"Rise! Will you fight me for glory? Will you fight me to protect your own. Or will you run?" The rider yelled again. Allowing his dragon to rise into the air. It's mouth opening wide.  We all knew what was happening next and only I had decided to charge head on. Air pressure building in the palm of my hand as I ran. A jet of flame shot from its mouth and I sent a blast of air to deflect the initial blast.  A gust of wind gathered behind me to force the rest of the jet back.  The fire was only fed by the air but was not harming the men behind. The dragons breath seemed to last forever as the defensive strategy began to take it toll on me.  My body was feeling heavier as the gut began to die done and the jet of flame inched forwards. A flash of light followed by the crashing sound ended the relentless attack. The other knights charged ahead of me towards our foe and charged earth.  I fell to my knees gasping for breath as the world blurred.

"Dammit!" I cursed still gasping for breath.

Someone had to get the injured out of here, get them away from that dragon rider. That last dragon was not guided and took out many experienced fighters. I did not desire to see what a trained knight, and guided intelligent dragon could do. If I could see anything that is.  I cold hear the dragon roaring not to far away. I couldn't just kneel here I had to help. I struggled up to my feet trying my best to keep the world level.  Hang in there I told myself trying to focus on the blurs that were running around frantically.  I focused on the black blur that dominated the battle. It was struggling against a few other blurs supposedly the other elemental knights.  Behind myself was chaos some men charging to help the Knights others fleeing.

"Move the injured!" I heard a woman's voice call out, " Get the abled body men read to fight!"

The woman's voice got closer to me as I staggered on my own feet.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"I'll be fine. That.... That took a lot out of me." I said

"You are hardly standing.."

"Give me a minute. what do you see? I need your eyes. Are the man coordinating?"

"something akin to it. The Dragon rider is overpowering the others. A retreat would be the best option but.."

"He would follow."

"Then we fight so the others can escape." I said grasping my blade the world was becoming sharper my breathing came with ease now.  I looked at the woman it was the same the dragon rider was calling out. The one he called the maiden of light.


"He called you out; didn't he? He said you were the maiden of light, he  told you rise as his antithesis. I'm not entirely sure what he means but something tells me you do. So it's up to you. but you should fight. " I said before  charging at the ride and the dragon as men were thrown to the ground. Blood drenched the ground as the knights held their gun with the help of their respective elements. The dragon stepped forward as its ride swung down hitting dark green knights Armour with enough force throw him back. I'm not sure if the nun followed me but I could hear footsteps following after me. I cried out a battle cry before swinging my blades. They were intercepted by the dragon riders. I went for another swing but I find myself flung back by the tail of the dragon as it took off into the sky. Lightning and fire  flew into the sky. As a winged dark blued knight rose above with blood red wings, ready to strike that's when it happened. The dragon roared a piercing roar that forced us to our knees. Darkness started emanate from the night covering us all. All I could feel was pain, and my ears feeling like a spear was being plunged into them.  It was over for us I felt my body being tossed into the air.

I woke up to the sounds of the dragons wings flying away and a bright light.

The End

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