Karen: Maiden of LightMature

Among this world are things that no one can explain.

Where did magic come from?  What brought the dragons into existence?  Why were humans put on this great land, only to fall so easily?  Who created us?

The Great Ones, beings that humanity deemed to be 'gods' within their own right, come to mind.  They were the ones that created our world, gave it life and in turn us, protected all that they watched over.

The Order of Light, who worships the Great One Sol, are the most prominent faith.  This comes from the 'miracles' that were bestowed upon them from the Great One.  These miracles were used to heal the injured, cure the sick, and even rumored to appease the dead.  Maidens were given privilege to become 'women of the cloth', as women were more anointed to the 'great miracle' of Life.  They became the healers to many battles, even though the worship forbid bloodshed.

That ended with the awakening of the Knight of Light, Solvia.  Able to wield the healing arts without a relic, she created the first great miracles that could reverse the greatest of wounds.  She was even rumored to have reversed death!  Yet, Solvia also created the first miracles of combat.  The Divine Blade, a collection of light around a certain area or object that could sever any limb, and protect the body.  

This proved to show her calm, caring, yet severe nature.  In battle, Solvia was on par with even the Knight of Darkness.  Though that wasn't enough for the final battle.  Far outnumbered, and with most, if not all, troops destroyed by the dragon scourge; Solvia enacted the greatest miracle.  No one knows exactly what it was, or how she did it, but all of the warriors of that battle awoke, fully restored; as if from a dream.


"Wow!"  "Amazing!"

I opened my eyes to see the little faces of children.  Smiles and mouths agape with wonder at the tale.  All of them were smudged with dirt from work and play.  I loved to see them in such good spirits, especially in this day and age.  The war has been long over now, but the repercussions still existed.  Many parts of the borderlands were destroyed by the war.  Even now, the remnants of dragons still nested nearby.

"Can we hear another story, Ma'am?"  "Yeah, another story!"

"Now, now children.  I do not have time to stay and tell tales."

I chimed as all their faces grew a little sadder.  These children are the sole heirs to the future.  Some may grow up and work with their family.  Others may join the ranks of the Kings Servicemen.  While a few will grow to become the heroes of a new age.

"Aww why not!"  "One more story, ma'am!"  "Please!"

That is, if they learn their manners first.

"I'm sorry, children.  I have to leave you today.  So go on and play."


They all would sing as they ran off to play around.  One child, a little boy, fell over and started to cry.  I walked over and knelt down beside him.

"What is wrong, my child?"

"sniff.. I.. sniff It hurts.."

"Do not worry, I am here for you.  Where does it hurt?"

I asked as I reached into a pocket inside the sleeve of my robes.  He gestured to his elbow, which had a small scrape that was red and oozing blood.  Pulling out a small pearl, I place it next to his wound, and I chant,

"O' Great One of all that is holy and blessed.  I ask of thee, your light, your life, to ease the suffering.  In thy name!"

As I chanted, the pearl began to glow a dull white.  The healing process had started already as the wound began to close up.  Soon, it was done and the pearl disintegrated to dust in-between my fingers.  I patted his head before sending him off.

"Bye bye!"

They shouted as I walked off, heading for the village exit.  I started to pick up the pace a little without really realizing it.  Soon, I was out of the village and away from innocent eyes.

"By the seven!  I could not hold that posture any longer."

I gasped out loud as I undid the hood that kept my hair hidden.  A long braid of burning red hair flowed out from under it.  A sigh of relief escaped from my lips.  Though I was a 'maiden of the cloth', that didn't mean I like the 'calm and elegant' poise that I had to maintain.

"You know, those children would look at you differently, if you were like that around them."

A voice called out behind me.  Startled, I spin around to find a cloaked man in the shadows of the nearby treeline.  Though, when I say cloaked, I mean only his hood and shoulders, the rest is torn in tatters showing bits and pieces of dark grey plate armor.  I could not see his face from the shade, but his voice was deep and old.

"Good day, sir!  It would be more polite to address a lady in a respectable manner, but I will not hold that to you."

"You can cut the crap, kid.  You're no lady if you talk to your elders like that."

"I do not have to take this treatment from you.  You are a mere knight that wishes fame from the recent call to arms.  I know your kind, and dislike you all."

"Even though, you wish you could join us!?"

At this point, I was red.  Mix of astonishment, rage, and embarrassment.  The man was right.  I didn't want to be a maiden of the cloth.  I wanted to be a warrior, like the Knight of Light.

"What is your name, child?"

The armored man asked.

"I am not a child!  I am Karen of Solvia, Maiden of the Cloth."

The man stepped out from the shadows.  The light hit his armor which showed no luster or shine.

"..of Solvia?  The former Knight of Light?  You have quite a legacy to fulfill."

"Yes, I was named after her from my birthmark."

I said as I turned to my right to show the sun mark on my temple.

"Hmm.. Well, even if you do not wish to cherish her art or not.  The vanguard may need your help.  A dragon awoke not too far from here.  In fact.."

As he said that last phrase, a roar sounded out to the west.  Not very far from where they were, actually.  My heart began to race.  Maybe.. No! No! What would I be able to do against a dragon!?  I could only heal the weak.  Maybe help the injured, but that's it.  I'm not a Knight of Legend!

"You better get going, Maiden of Light, they will need your services soon."

The man turned before a flash of light came from his satchel.  He pulled out a long dagger as white as snow.  It glowed as he held it.  Shaking his head, he returns the dagger and walks off.  I too turned to leave, but found myself quickening to a run.  Something told me that lives were at stake.  It was then that I noticed.. I didn't even get his name.


I finally found myself in front of the vanguard.  Gasping for breath after running for so long.  It had turned out that I was too late for the dragon, but just in time for the aftermath.  The wounded were corralled together, and bandaged as crudely as possible.  What was even worse was the multitudes of men that lay dead, or what could be found of their bodies.  This was more than what I could take.  Nausea crept up my throat, but I held it back to bow and greet the leaders.

"Good day sirs and madam, I am Karen of Solvia, a Maiden of the Cloth.  I have come to heal your wounded and send off your dead."

The largest knight, one that wore armor fashioned as a manticore, stepped forward.

"Very well, please ease their suffering."

Releasing my bow, I started to walk to the wounded before a soldier shouted out.

"Dragon!  Eastward skies!"

The able-bodied soldiers readied rifles, bows, and sword.  The tall knight motioned them to halt.  The dragon flew closer from the east.  Wait... wasn't that where I came..  Before I could finish my thought, the dragon was already upon us.  Landing in front of us, I could see a silhouette of a man on the dragon's back.

"So these are the Knights of Legend that I've heard so much about!"

I look back and find that the four knights had weapons at the ready.  Each aglow with different elemental magic.  They were the Knights of Legend!  Yet.. they were so young.  Older than myself, but still young.  Still, the dragon rider continued to talk.

"Though, you may be a little too young for the titles now.  Not even able to properly hold your element.  Not even you five can even match my powers."

What did he say?  Five?  Meaning five knights, but there were only four.

"What do you mean by that!  Who are you, to call us all out!?"

That came from the one in orange armour.  Gusts of wind swimming around him.  The rider only laughed.

"If you do not even know who I am, then you will never become anywhere near to my brothers and sisters.  Hell, one of you hasn't even awaken to their purpose yet!"

He bellowed out as he pulled out a long white dagger and threw it to the ground; right at my feet.

"Awaken Maiden of Light, and realize your destiny!  Become my antithesis in power, for I am the Knight of Darkness!"

What?  This can't be..

"Raise thyn blade, and become.."


The End

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