Leon Grave: The Dragon's FallMature

These knights were the ones Leon had heard about. The others who could wield the elements of magic intuitively. Air, Water, and Fire. They all had their unique elements trained magnificently. They were even useful in this battle. 

Sadly, they knew nothing of Dragons. Especially the Feral ones like this black dragon.

The beast roared in pain as the soldiers overtook it, stabbing and slicing it as best they could. Leon's own men stayed back, as well as the knights, but for a different reason most likely. There was no time to warn the soldiers attacking. They would not survive the dragon's Bloodrage. 

It happened faster than usual this time. Usually the blasted creatures waiting til they were on Death's Shore to go into the Rage. Then again, that knight in green armor - the one who wielded Fire - had given the creature a nasty wound. That could be the cause of the Rage activating so early.

The Dragon exploded. That was how the Rage always started. It released a massive amount of energy that was fatal at close range, even to armored knights. The soldiers turned to a bloody spray around the beast, creating a ring of armor and gore. There was barely anything recognizable in the place. 

The Dragon roared madly and lunged at the knight of Water. She was agile in the sky with her wings of blood, but still seemed surprised. The other knights ran back into the fray. Leon did not join them immediately.

"Men! Seal off the movements with the rifles. Bows are to take out those wings!" Leon waited for the men to salute then lightened his body and ran toward the beast. The knights were giving heavy damage to the thing, but it wouldn't be enough to kill it before it took down someone. Leon couldn't afford to let any of them die. 

Not yet.

Using his magic, Leon created an opposite charge in the dragon's neck. Of course, the beast could not feel the magic in his state, he could only fight til he died. Luckily, the other knights distracted the beast well enough for Leon to aim his spear and charge his magic where he had placed it; himself and the beast's neck. 

One moment, Leon was running toward the dragon while his fellow knights attacked ferociously, barely avoiding the Rage-infused attacks. The next moment Leon flew through the air at blinding speeds. The way he had set his magic had essentially made himself an extremely powerful magnet pointed at the beast's neck. With his spear held forward and his body spread long, this was the reason he was named 'Heavenly Spear.'

It only too a second for the spear to pierce flesh and the beast to cease movement. Learning the spot had been luck, but it was a place that severed the brain from the body, thus rendering control to be useless. The only issue was that dragons can sense magic acting on their body. Unless they were in their Bloodrage.

The beast fell hard, causing the other knights to relax and meet on the ground near Leon, who was pulling his spear from the blasted creature's neck. The blood would corrode a normal weapon. His spear was not normal, though. Leon thanked the craftsmen for the rune that prevented such damage to the weapon. 

"That was unexpected."

Leon turned to see a man in leather armor - with bits of overlapping metal armor - walking up. He had orange coloring on his gear and carried two broadswords. Leon always noticed equipment before looks. He was broad shouldered with muscles that made him seem a blacksmith. His dark hair and pale complexion only helped this theory. 

The other knights came up in time to agree with the first one. Leon studied them each in turn. 

The knight who wielded fire had black armor - no, wait, that was dark green. He held a sword in his hand and had a look in his eyes that Leon could not place. Maybe he was haunted by something? He seemed to be overconfident as well, almost to a cocky point. Though Leon had seen many warriors like that who could back it up.

The water user was wearing light blue armor and carried a bow and knives down her legs. Despite having long golden hair down to her ankles - which was silly for a knight to have - the girl could move very well. She was the shortest of them all and the only girl, but Leon was hardly surprised. Girls could fight better than men, given the reasoning. Even if they covered their identity, unlike this girl.

The knights seemed to be observing each other, so Leon decided it was best to simply say what needed to be said now, before they had a chance to ask personal questions. 

"I can tell none of you have fought a dragon before," Leon stated, quickly moving on before any of them could interject, "When they grow close to death they enter something we have called a Bloodrage."

"Bloodrage? That thing he did that killed our men?" The knight of Air seemed angry at this. It was normal, seeing how he had lost his men. They all had. Well, all that brought warriors. 

"Yes, they Bloodrage starts with a lethal release of magic, followed by an adrenaline-fueled frenzy that persists until death. It can not be stopped unless you sever the connection between the brain and the body."

"How did you find this out?" the Fire using knight asked. He looked curious, actually.

Leon did not answer, of course. And, luckily, he didn't have to. 

In the distance, a lone figure was moving towards them. And further behind the figure, high in the sky, a creature with massive wings flew towards them. Leon knew it was a dragon, but the real shock was that he could make out something riding on the dragon. 

Who was riding a dragon?

The End

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