Marcus: Burning in the SkiesMature

My mount was shifting beneath me. She was anxious to move, tossing her black head and rolling her eyes at me. I tried to still her, gripping the reins tighter. There was a static hum in the air and the unpleasant smell of wet burning grass filled my nostrils. I was alone, watching them try to take down the monster on their own. I smiled at their foolishness. Casually, slowly, I pushed my mare onward. Together we ambled down the slope into the thick of it. Sometimes it was better to be slow.

I ducked my head as an arrow whistled above me. Ila and I sidestepped to avoid a soldier screaming and running in terror. I laughed because if I didn't I would cry. There was a dull thrum in the Earth and I could feel the blood of Her surging and pulsing. For a moment I longed for the power to draw it up into my hands and burn the men staggering in pain around me.

The dragon tossed its head, almost like my horse had and eyed me cautiously. It knew what I could do. It opened it's mouth and hissed in frustration, a loud clicking reverberating from the back of its throat.

"You can't light a flame without a match," I shouted above the noise at it. It hissed again in pain and lashed out a claw. I jumped off my mount and drew my blade, letting it warm in my hands. 

"But you can fight fire with fire,"I made my move, rolling beneath it's belly while it was distracted and sliced beneath it.

The heated metal pierced its thick skin, blood as hot as my own pooling beneath it. It's wings shivered, stretching out to their full size. I laughed, because if I did not, I would scream in terror. I stretched out my free hand and with a few words the fire swelled and obeyed my command, atoms vibrating until they burst, flame dousing the creature. It shrieked like a banshee, clawing at it's own burning eyes.

The sound of it's crying was a sweet taste on my tongue. I closed my eyes and bathed in the music, knowing there was no hope for the beast now. It was blinded, unable to detect it's prey. This particular dragon's senses were not as finely tuned as it's eyesight. I sheathed my blade and watched as the armies overtook the creature, sizzling blood splattering the ground.

I turned and walked back to my mount, away from the chaos.

The End

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