Yuki Dawn: Angels Cry.Mature

On one of the highest hills my team waits, the cold brushing up against us all as we stand in silence. Long strands of my hair flow around my body as a loud roar fills the sky. Just as expected. I can feel my teams discomfort. Breathing in the air, I let the dampness around us to help think through our attack plan, calming me and my comrades.

Turning my face towards them, my smile stretches my face. “Playtime.” With a wink, I draw a blue tinted arrow from my quiver, aiming towards the noise of the beast. Behind me, I can hear my team following suit as my face hardens whilst my concentration takes effect.

Lightning flashes from a figure in white, attacking the beast, and I can see another figure flying high and landing  onto the dragons neck causing a howl of pain to erupt from the creature.

It lashes it head, attempting to knock off its attacker off.

“Hold it boys. Stay strong. Wait for my signal.”

The dragon opens its jaws, fire rising in its throat. With a gigantic shriek, flames that could put hell to shame shoot out of its mouth, illuminating the sky in its fiery glow.

Seeing the figure on the dragons neck jumps off, keeping close, causes a smile to tug at my lips.

Aiming for one of the creatures eyes, I release the arrow from its bow, briefly seeing it reach the target before reaching for another arrow. Around me, my comrades fire arrows after arrows at the dragon. After I release more arrows, I prick the index fingers on both hands, drawing blood.

Manipulating the water in my blood, I cause it to travel up my arms and along my back, stretching and solidifying into the form of massive bat-wings. Jumping into the air, I move my blood, taking me towards the sky and closer to the dragon.

Spinning my body, my hands wrap around two of my throwing knives and releasing them at the beast.

The air around me picks up, making the dragon disorientated. Lightning attacks the dragon, causing it to scream in pain as it gets more wounded.

The fire begins to manifest within the creature before it explodes it out towards the hill where my team were rapidly shooting arrows at it. As the fire burns, scorching the hill too and all who stood on it.

As I watch my team die, screaming out in pain, I can feel my own anger grows as the flames do.

Balling my hands into fist, I throw my head back, closing my eyes and shrieking out in pain louder than any banshee known. Rain starts to fall from the sky as I can feel the power within overwhelm me, tears streaming down my face as my teammates painful cries fill my ears.

Snapping my head back upright, I glare at the dragon and raise my arm towards the creature.

“Angels Cry!” I scream as I feel the others around me, channel their ability at our common enemy.    

The End

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