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The air had been disturbed here. We were getting closer.  We had spent the last day tracking down our target. A large black dragon and we were closing in.

"Faster! We should be seeing the beast soon!" I yelled out to my men.  I wasn't used to having this many men. I usually liked my comfortable eight to twelve men. They insisted I take more to fight these dragons, and would not accept my stubborn protests against it.  They were not trained to my standard but they were good men.  My officers would help keep them alive. We could break up into several smaller units and still be as efficient.  As we crested the hill coming across a scene of battle. A regiment of men had confronted the dragon. Rifle fire filled the air. Plans had to be changed.

"Haggar! Take yours, and Talon's men, and coordinate with that regiment. Make sure to let them know we are their allies. Fly our Banners." I shouted at an older man than myself who had the stature of a bear. Despite that he was one of the best tacticians an army could ask for and even better diplomat.

"Yes sir." He said breaking off calling forth his men.

"Evelyn take your men and flank the dragon from that hilltop. Avoid shooting our own men. " I told a fierce woman who was armed to the teeth. She nodded in understanding waving to her men before taking off.

"The rest of you are with me. I will take the dragon head on and try to pin it down with my abilities. If that doesn't work we'll meet with Haggar and the other regiment. We ride!"

Nearing the battle I could make out a white armored knight leading the regiment below strikes of lightning came from this Knight.  A smile crept down my face. This dragon would be finished quickly if that's who I think it is.  I leapt off my horse using the air to carry me forwards.  I found the hilts of my swords in my hands. My speed increased towards my foe with me came a blast of wind pushing the dragon off course causing it to miss an attack. My ambition to knock the dragon over; proved to be a foolish one.  With one downwards stroke of its wing I found myself  falling towards the ground despite my partnership with air.  It roared causing the ground to shake from the force. It's mouth still open it readied itself to release a jet of flame.

It was the white knight who stopped it with another strike of lightening. An opportunity arose as the dragon stumbled in pain. Using the air to lift me I position myself over the dragons neck.  I dropped using the air to spin me quickly while sharpening the edges of my blades. I could feel them bite into the dragons neck. However I didn't cut deep enough and the spines on the dragons back had torn my faded orange arm gaurds to shreds.  The dragon took flight roaring in either pain or annoyance, maybe both. I was thrown off, and fell gracefully through the air. Rethinking my plan I was going to have to work together with the white knight. I didn't often fight dragons, I felt a little out of my element right now.

The End

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