Leon Grave, the Spear of HeavenMature

Fifty years prior, the Eastern Kingdom was at war with the Western Kingdom. The Western Kingdom allied with dragons and was nearly assured victory, but then they appeared; Knights wielding the elements of nature intuitively. Acting as the vanguard, these elemental Knights led the Eastern Kingdom to victory. Most of the Knights have vanished, of course, making them legend. Until now.

Leon Grave latched his helmet - a stark white thing designed to be like the lion head of a manticore - on and pulled his spear from the ground. He was always fascinated by the thick metal spear. It had cross-guards just below the blade, giving it a similar design to a priest's staff. It was fitting for killing the monstrous creatures called dragons.

"Sir, we are ready when you are."

Leon nodded to the shorter man beside him. Being nearly a head higher than most of his men made Leon an intimidating figure. Of course, his white armor bearing the image of a manticore only helped this. The ferocious beasts were very dangerous and able to take down dragons, but they were also calm and collected. Usually, they avoided people and only attacked to defend their young. Truly noble creatures.

Unlike the blasted dragons.

"Prepare the magic rifles and bows," Leon ordered to his regiment of men. They were twenty in total, half holding the rifles that had recently been developed through magic research and bows of the old days. The advantage with the rifles was distance, but the bows were faster to reload. No one but the elemental knights of legend could use magic innately.

Leon, of course, was one of those legendary figures.

"Sir, is there anything else?" 

Leon simply shook his head and ordered his men to move out. He didn't like talking unless it was necessary. He was good at orders only because they were simple and couldn't be misconstrued. Small talk... he wasn't good at. 

The dragon they were after was hiding somewhere in the surrounding plains. It had attacked many villages - some of which Leon and his troupe had passed on the way - and killed hundreds of innocent people. Leon gripped his large spear tightly, releasing some of his electrical magic into the weapon. 

The men noticed this, but said nothing and simply continued to keep an eye out for the beast. They were used to him. Good men. He had taken down a dragon the week before with these same men, as well. Of course, if the reports were accurate, the dragon in this area would be two times as large.

"Company halt!" Leon shouted. The men halted in an instant. They knew what Leon was about to do. 

The tall man walked forward and hefted his spear onto his shoulder. Then, he pushed his electrical magic into the ground, repelling it. Slowly, Leon started to rise. This had taken years to perfect, but Leon had managed to do it with ease now. It was like changing which way one fell. 

The ground shoved away from him and Leon experienced the usual loss of stomach as he sped up the fall. The surrounding lands opened up, showing him the wide green and gold fields and long gravel road. In mere moments, his men were reduced to small dots. 

'Nothing,' Leon thought with disappointment. In the far distance, mountains reigned supreme. Could the damned creature be hiding there? No, the last village they had passed was freshly destroyed. Even with flight the beast couldn't have got to the mountains yet. 

Leon let himself slowly drift downwards and land once more on the ground. The men sat back a ways, expecting a report on the dragon's location. They would have none, of course. The blasted creature had done well in hiding itself, unlike the last one. Maybe if-

A roar echoed through the sky. 

"Surprise formation!" Leon barked, shooting himself once more into the air. This time, he didn't bother starting off slow. He simply let himself fall as fast as he could. Below, the men arranged themselves in a circular way. Of course, the formation would do little against the beast, but it would give them a heads up. Now where...

To Leon's right there was a massive black figure flying toward them. It had two sets of wings, from what he could see, and spikes extending down it's back. As the reports had said, it was nearly twice as big as the last dragon. 

Landing, Leon gave his men the beasts direction and told them to prepare. They did so quickly, knowing their lives hung in the balance. The bows were in back, waiting for the beast to appear closer, and the rifles were out front. They would give support fire until the Leon could lure the beast in. 

"Men, move forward at a slow march until the beast is in sight," Leon told them. 


Leon took off toward the direction the dragon was coming. It only took him a little while to see the beast appear over the edge. These plains were really just one big hill, it seemed. No wonder the dragon had hidden with ease. 

Magic filled Leon and traveled through his body and white manticore armor, giving the gravity affecting him less power. His body grew lighter and Leon ran faster. As he ran, the beast roared. It had spotted him. Lightning charged through Leon's spear and became visible as it traveled up and down the magnificent weapon. Today it would taste the foul blood of a dragon.

And the dragon would taste the Spear of Heaven.

The End

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