The map

"And what gives you the right to pull out a sword and boss me around huh? I am the bandit king! Nobody bosses me around!"

Masamune and Ryouichi were talking to each other to come up with the plan."Okay, Ryouichi, our plan is to capture the map right. Well you see that tree over there." There was a tree that was just short enough for someone to jump on. "well your gonna jump on the tree and i'm gonna make sure they do not harm you."

The Bandit King was getting impatient and starting shouting, "HURRY UP!! WE HAVEN'T GOT ALL DAY!!"

"Ok, I get the plan so I jump on the tree, jump over the bandits and get a hold of the map right? Ok but what if one of them gets the map or I miss the tree?" "There are a lot of what ifs there. just think about what your doing and don't think ahead."


Ryouichi ran towards the tree. He jumped and he..........missed the tree. Now he was trapped in a corner and he couldn't run. "MASAMUNE!! HELP!!"

At the call of the Ryouichi, Masamune dashed towards Ryouichi. He quickly killed the bandits and got Ryouichi back on his feet. Ryouichi grabbed one of the bandits swords and used it to protect himself. "Ryouichi, let's try the plan again."

Ryouichi jumped to the tree again, but he missed again. "I can't jump to the tree!" "never say you can't!"

Ryouichi tried one more time and he grabbed the branch and climbed up. The bandits didn't even know he was up there. He carefully moved around the tree without trying to make any noise or ruffle the leaves. He stealthily jumped behind them are grabbed the map.

"YOU ARE NOT GETTING MY MAP!!" The Bandit King tackled Ryouichi and grabbed the map. Him and the surviving Bandits ran into the forest.

"Well Ryouichi. you did good but they still got the map." "We'll get the map. Should we follow them?" "For now, let's just rest."

The End

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