Elementa: The swordmaster

I quickly ran to the nearest town, it took me fifteen minuetes. While I was there I ran to find the swordmaster, the famed Masamune. I ran quickly. After about five minuetes of running about I found Masamune in quiet meditation upon the ways of the sword.

"Mr. Masamune!"

He jumped and eyed me suspiciously.

"What would you like, young one?"

"My sister, Shizune, got kidnapped by a giant bird monster thing, and I have to save her. Will you teach me the way of the sword in order to save her?"

His eyes narrowed.

"I cannot teach you all of my knowledge in such short time. It would take years, decades. I can, however, go with you." He grabbed a few swords, putting a couple around his waist and giving one to me. "Where is she?"

"Well, I don't quite know that."

"Well then, let us not burn the sun, we must find her."

And so, Ryouichi and Masamune set out on their adventure to find Shizune. Will they succeed?

The End

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