Eventually, dusk fell.

Nigel stood, setting his rocking chair back against the porch railing. That was its place, though he never knew why. There were many rituals he performed without actually knowing their purposes. He merely did things the way they had been done for decades.

Inside, Nigel found his now-lukewarm mug of coffee, only drunk halfway through, and lifted it to his lips. Heat or no, it still contained the energy he needed to last him through the rest of the day. Why he needed to last through the rest of the day, well, he did not know that, either. The past years had become nothing more than survival, stingily living on the riches he had accumulated during his luxurious years as monster-trainer. The way he had divvied it out, there would be just enough to last him til he died, granted he did not live abnormally long.

Sometimes, Nigel felt lazy. The desire to do something more than just exist pulled at his mind, asking him, Wouldn't you rather do something bigger than this? Wouldn't you rather live life fully, instead of spending the rest of your years, pining for Rae?

The answer was always "yes," but Nigel lacked the gumption to do anything about it.

Still, something was stirring, changing, causing the wind to dance. The niggling realization that something big was about to happen never left Nigel's bones. The world was waiting, holding her breath, standing on the brink of what would either be redemption or destruction. And Nigel could not shake the feeling that he was about to play an important part in...in...well, in whatever it was.

Shaking his head at his running-rampant thoughts, Nigel drained the rest of the coffee, before setting a kettle of one-day-old water on the stove to boil. He reached up to one of the cupboards and rummaged around for awhile, before realizing that he was plumb out of coffee beans. No matter. He would go into the nearby market to buy some.

It seemed silly to Nigel, that the world was about to experience an upheaval, and yet, here he was, thinking about how much money it would cost to buy more coffee beans. Sometimes, the most innocuous events led to the world's greatest wars. Well, time would tell, anyways.

The End

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