Before Brida could answer, the warden cut in. "She's been remarkably docile and compliant, actually. Yes, her symptoms of abnormal conduct have continued, and she has benefited from solitary confinement, but - "

The Examiner's hand went up, silencing the warden's words. "Brida?"

"No, I am not harboring any feelings of rebellion." Brida shuddered at her own lie and looked away, though she knew the very act would betray her feelings.

"Have you been working on controlling your emotions?" the Examiner pressed further.

The candle still burned steadily. Brida stared at it, her eyes unseeing and her mind whirling. Had she been working on controlling her emotions? Somewhat, yes. But her work hadn't yielded much profit, had it? "I've been working on it, to a certain extent," she said, still angry - though not angry enough to interrupt the candle's merry burning.

"Work harder." The Examiner turned to the warden. "I propose another week in confinement. Until Brida is committed to learning how to tame the emotions that so obviously control her, she can't be out among the other residents. She's too dangerous." The Examiner's eyes flickered. "And too resistant."

Without prelude, a fierce bout of madness swelled within Brida's soul, and she made a soft, almost inaudible growl in the back of her throat.

The candle's flame shot up, the warden threw open the door, and the Examiner yanked Brida from her seat on the bench. "The session is over. Two more weeks of confinement for you."

The End

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