Sometimes, ants crawled across the cell floor. Those ants were Brida's closest friends. Yes, she saw other members of the asylum from time to time, but none of them related to Brida like the ants did. All the other members of the asylum really did have instabilities that crippled their everyday life. But as for Brida and the ants, well...they didn't belong in any asylum. They yearned to be live out among the other inhabitants of the sunlight and the laughter.

The ants could simply crawl up the wall and out the window. Brida had no such luck. And so, whenever the tiny insects made their march back into the outside world, Brida was left alone, feeling small and helpless.

Interrupting Brida's quiet reverie, the cell door clanged open, the metal of its bars colliding with the cold, hard wall and causing Brida to jump. There stood the warden, the ever-calm warden, hands clasped together with a purpose and eyes set with haste. "Come on, Brida, we can't be late," said the grey-haired warden. "You haven't forgotten your meeting with the Examiner, have you?"

Brida scrambled to her feet, her heart beating wildly. The Examiner. No, she hadn't forgotten. Nobody ever forgot their meetings with the asylum's most fear-inducing board member.

Just before Brida reached the cell door, however, the warden took a step back. "Are you safe?"

What the warden meant, of course, was Will you harm me? Very few knew about Brida's powers, but those who did know had great reason to fear her. The warden continued to keep a safe distance from Brida, as the little monster left the cell and made her way down the hallway. The warden's steps were always deliberate, always calculated, and always making sure that Brida wasn't too close.

There were many things to fear about Brida.

The End

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