Element Children (Prologues&Ch.1) Avatar Fanfic


Prologue 1: Somewhere at the North Pole

            Footsteps raced towards out in the hall and they stopped at you and your sister’s door.  Your door is forced open loudly, “Grandpa?!”

            “Come now Huo (fire) take your sister, Shui (Water) and get away from here!”

            *Yawn* what’s going on Grandpa?”  Shui asked as she got dressed and stood next to her twin sister Huo,

            “We’re under attack!”

            “By who?!”

            “The fire nation!”  He whispered as he looked at Huo, “Quickly!”  You hear catapults in the distance,

            “Again?!  But they already attacked us 100 years ago!”

            “Well they came back!”

            “Why?!” He looked at Huo,

            “I don’t know . . . .”  You hear screams nearing, “Make haste!”

            “What about you Grandpa?!”

            “I’ll be fine!  Just get out of here!”  He motioned for them to leave the back way,

            “I won’t leave you!”  Shui yelled trying to run back to him, but Huo grabbed her by the collar and pulled her away, “Grandpa Paku!!!”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    You two had been running for awhile when you slipped on some ice.  Huo caught you, but when you two looked up you were all surrounded by Fire nation troops.  You started to back away slowly and then fell to the ground unconscious.  Huo turned around to find that a fire nation soldier had hit you on the head.  You tired to reach for her, but you were held back.  All Huo could do was scream your name.  She watched as the entrance to the boat closed.


Prologue 2: Somewhere in the Earth Nation

            You were training with your brother, “Awwwwww, give me a break Xiang (To soar)!!!”  You moaned and he smiled at you,

            “What? Done already Tu (earth)?!  That was boring!”

            “I’ll show you boring!”  You started to charge at your twin brother,      

            “Come now you two!”  You stopped and turned around to find your mother, “Time to wash up for dinner!”  You mumble something under your breath and go into your house. 

            After dinner you and Xiang head outside again.  You sit down and look up to him who is still standing up, “What’s on your mind Xiang?” You ask.  He stares at the stars for a long time and then sits down next to you.

            “Nothing much, I just want a break from this life for a while . . . .”  You look at him curiously,

            “What do you mean by that?”  He looks back at you,

            “I just want to explore the world a little bit . . . . Ma and Pa already know . . . .  I’m leaving tomorrow.”

            “Why?  Why did you tell me at the last minute?!”

            “You would have been depressed all day.”

            “But why do you want to leave?”
            “ . . . .  Something big is about to happen . . . .”

            “What?!  How do you know that?!”

            “It’s just a feeling.  You know, ever since the war started 100 years ago, things have never been the same . . . .”  You look out into the sky and sigh,

            “I know . . . .” 

            The next day, you watch your brother leave your house and watch all the way until you can’t see him over the hill anymore.  And then you go back into your room.


Chapter 1: The Girl

Present Day- Five years later since the two prologues=

Aang’s POV:

            Racing from room to room trying to find your staff.  You open one door and find nothing.  The next door you open, you see the old man that was with Zuko when he brought you on his ship, sleeping.  You close the door quietly, “Sorry,” you mutter as you shut the door all the way.  You open the next door and find your staff, “My staff!”  You exclaim.  Just as you put your hand on the staff you hear the door close behind you and you turn around to find Zuko,

            “I underestimated you . . . .”  You two stare at each other for the longest time and then Zuko spurts fire out of his fists towards you.  You dodge quickly and then create a ball of air and spin on it like a top and you float on the sides of the walls but get knocked down.  You get back up and look at Zuko and where he is standing.  Using your staff, you bring a metal table up to the ceiling with Zuko in the middle and then to the side and then let it drop down as you crawl up the vent. 


            As you crawl up the vent, you see other rooms from the vent.  You look left and then right and then choose to go right.  You drop through the vent and enter a room near the exit of the ship.  You start to open the door, but then you hear a clanging noise behind you and turn around.  Behind you is a girl with long black hair, wearing a torn up blue shirt and long, loose, beige shorts that are also torn.  She looks up at you and you down at her.  You notice that her ankles and wrists are chained together in shackles and are both chained to the wall.  You start to go over to her, but then you hear Zuko yell in anger and you race out the door and run out of the ship.  You throw your staff and it expands its red-like wings and you start to fly off, but Zuko grabs onto your ankle, pulling you down back onto the ship.  He knocks the staff out of your hand and out of the corner of your eye; you see something flying towards you, “Appa!!”  You express in glee, but then remember that you are in the middle of a fight.  Zuko pushes you to the edge of the boat with his powerful currents of fire and you fall into the water.  You hear Katara scream your name and you open your eyes.  They are glowing and you twirl around back up to the surface.  When you come up, you are in the middle of a water-like tornado.  You hop on the boat and water bend Zuko off his ship.  Then your tattoos and eyes stop glowing and you fall to the ground.  Sokka and Katara help you up.  You gather your things and start to head away.  Zuko and the old man send a fire ball towards you.  You hop to the back and with your staff, you blow a current of air at it, redirecting its course to a cliff of snow that stops Zuko’s ship in its tracks and you continue with Sokka and Katara into the sun. 


            After a while of drifting in the sky, “We have to go back . . . .”  Katara and Sokka exchange looks,

            “Back where?”  Sokka asks,

            “To the ship . . . .”

            “Are you mad?!  You mean to tell me you want to go back to the hotheaded fire benders with their, you know, fire!”

            “Let Aang tell us why,” Katara said to Sokka,

            “Back there, when I was trying to escape and racing from door to door . . . . In one room there was a girl . . . .”

            “And you want to save this girl?”  Aang nodded, “How do you know that she isn’t with the fire nation?!”  Sokka asked suspiciously,

            “Would the fire nation chain one of their own to a wall and whip her?”

            “ . . . .  It it’s the fire nation . . . .  I’m gonna say yes . . . .” 

            -Aang & Katara= -_-

            “I’m sure we’ll see them again, Aang and when we do, then we can save her, but I’m with Sokka on this one, I don’t really want to meet them again when we barely escaped this time . . . .”  Aang looked down,

            “Alright . . . .”


*In the distance*

            Grey eyes spot the flying bison, “So . . . .  The Avatar really has returned . . . .”  A person approached from behind and the man with grey eyes nodded, “It’s too bad that they think that he is the only air bender left . . . .”

            “ . . . .”

            “It wouldn’t be hard to believe, after all, you’ve got a full head of hair . . . .  The advantages to having an earth bending mother and an air bending father.  Isn’t that right . . . .?  Xiang . . . .”

            “. . . .”

            “How long has it been since you left your home of Omashu?”


            Meanwhile . . . .  Zuko and his uncle, Iroh head for the nearest port to get their ship fixed, “Keep silent about the Avatar!”  Zuko told his uncle,

            “What for?”

            “We don’t need others to know what—?!”

            “Know what?”  Zuko and Iroh were interrupted,

            “Captain Zhou. What a pleasant surprise!”  Iroh exclaimed,

            “Likewise,” looks at their ship, “That’s quite a dent in your ship . . . .  I’m sure you have an excellent explanation as to what happened . . . .”

            “Of course we do!”  Zuko blurted and then shifted his eyes to his uncle, “Uncle, tell him what happened!”  Iroh’s eyes widened at this request which surprised him,

            “Oh, right of course what happened was that . . . .”  Iroh trailed off,

            “I see . . . .  Come join us while we fix your ship.”

            “We have to be going . . . .”  Zuko mumbled,

            “Zuko!  Show your elders respect!”  Iroh turned to Zhou, “We would love to join you.  Do you have jasmine tea?  It is my favorite.”  Iroh and Zhou went ahead and Zuko spit fire out of his fists and followed them. 

            When they settled down, “You should stop your search for the Avatar,” Zhou tried to persuade Zuko, “He disappeared 100 years ago . . . .”  Zhou saw the expression in Zuko’s face change, “Unless . . . .  You have found something . . . .”  Zuko avoided Zhou’s eyes,

            “No . . . .  Nothing . . . .”  Zuko got up, “Now we really must be on our way . . . .”  A soldier came in and announced that the Avatar had been in Zuko’s custody, but he let him escape.  Zhou came behind Zuko,

            “Now, how exactly did your ship get wrecked?”


            “You got beaten by a mere child!”

            “I made the mistake once underestimating him, I won’t make it again!”

            “No you will not because the search for the Avatar is under my command now!”


            “What do you think you could possibly do?  Even if you did capture the Avatar, things wouldn’t turn to normal.  Your own father abandoned and banished you!”

            “That’s not true!”
            “You have the scar to prove it!!”  Zuko kicked over a table,

            “More tea please!”  Iroh requested.


            After Iroh received more tea, Zuko and Zhou continued their bitter conversation,

            “You don’t know anything about my father or me!”

            “I know that you are a disgrace to him!  Your sister is the prodigy in your family, not you!” Zuko exploded.  Flames surrounding him, “Oh.  Is that a challenge!  I do hope you know what you’re doing . . . .”

            “At the arena at sundown!  Be there!”

            “I’ll be sure of it.  And later I’ll delay the message to your father how you got disgraced even more,”

            “Zuko do you know what you’re doing?!  Do you remember what happened last time you fought a master?!”

            “I will never forget!”


            “I see you showed up Prince Zuko . . . .  Shall we end this?” 

            “Let’s do this . . . .”

Zhou smirked and sent powerful waves of fire towards Zuko.  Zuko blocked the first few, but then fell back.  Zhou raced up to him and prepared to finish him off.  Zuko pushed himself up with his two arms and knocked Zhou off his feet with his legs as he flipped up.  Zhou quickly got up and Zuko rushed towards him, knocking him back with fire.

            “What are you waiting for?  Finish me off!”  Zhou yelled at Zuko.  Zuko shot a blast of fire out of his fist, but it scorched the ground right beside Zhou’s head, “That’s it?!”

            “Next time I won’t hesitate . . . .”  Zuko turned his back to Zhou,

            “Of course . . . .  How could I forget . . . .?”  Zuko stopped in his tracks and Zhou got up, “The girl . . . .  You—!!”  Zhou shot fire at Zuko, but Iroh stopped him in his tracks and Zuko started to charge at him, but was restrained by his Uncle,

            “So this is how the great Captain reacts to his defeat.  Even after being banished, Zuko has more honor than you do . . . .”  Turning to Zuko, “Come along now,” Turning back to Zhou, “Thanks for the tea, Jasmine is my favorite . . . .” Zhou sat up and started thinking as he watched Zuko and Iroh leave.

            “Did you really mean that Uncle?”  Zuko asked,

            “Of course . . . .  Jasmine tea is my favorite,”


            They returned to their fixed ship, “Sir you’re back!  Where are we headed to now?” 

            “Set a course in the direction where the Avatar was last seen!”

            “But sir, we don’t know where—!!”  The door to the ship slammed behind Zuko. 


            Meanwhile, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo arrive at Kyoshi Island.  The first few days few like paradise, but that all changed once Zuko found out the where abouts of them.  Aang pushes the fire nation back and puts out the flames in the village with the help of his sea monster friend, “Look!  There!!”  Katara shouted, “There is the ship!”  Turning to Aang, “Didn’t you want to see if you could rescue the girl?”  Aang nodded.  Sokka sighed,

            “And how do you propose we do that?  Zuko is keeping watch for us and the first glimpse they get of Appa they will fire their fireball things at us!”   The three of them sat in silence for a long time,

            “We’ve got to at least try!” Katara exclaimed and Sokka sighed,

            “Whatever . . . .”  Appa flew above Zuko’s ship,

            “Alert Prince Zuko of our great fortune!  The Avatar is coming to us!” A soldier told another.



            *Knock! Knock!!*

            “Who’s there?!”  Zuko called through a metal door,

            “Prince Zuko!  The Avatar has shown himself on our front doorstep!  Come and see for yourself!”  Zuko slammed the door open,


            “Come quickly!” 

*Aang, Katara, and Sokka*

The door swung open, “Katara!  Sokka!  In here quickly!  I found her!!”  More footsteps were rushing towards your room, “She’s unconscious!  Katara, can you try and cut through the chains with your water?”  She nodded and went over to the girl.  After a while, the chains to the wall broke,

            “Sokka, can you carry her?”


            “Look at her!  She’s too weak to walk on her own!”

            “Fine!”  Sokka picked her up and they raced of the ship.  As they were racing out, Sokka felt the soft heart beat of the girl in his arms.  The three of them hopped on Appa and left. 


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The End

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