The mother who was giving birth moaned and whined as she delivered her child, and then her afterbirth. The child was born, and the midwife held the baby carefully with a skilled arm as her assistant cleared the placenta, putting it on a platter for the mother to bury it later.

            The midwife looked at the child for a moment, and screamed.

            “What, what is it??” cried the mother, Deidre, half knowing that something was horribly wrong.

            “It’s nothing,” said the midwife, trying to calm her heart. “I thought I saw… oh … it was nothing. Here is your child, girl.”

            Wynn, the midwife, handed Deidre the little girl, who had a tuft of black hair atop of her head, which was a bit slick from the liquid that she was born with. Deidre smiled.

            “A girl… a lovely girl,” she sighed. Wynn nodded and touched her crown as a show of thanks to the gods for a safe delivery.

            “What shall you call her?” asked Wynn, so that she could tell the Priestess. Deidre hesitated, then smiled.



Chapter One.

            Ten years passed.

            They flew by like Deidre had never seen before. She and her huband were forced to move with the villagers when the famines came. Ianna had grown into a smart young girl, quick in pace and tongue. She was very in-tune with her feelings, and, as Deidre noticed, other’s as well. She had a smart glow to her and was often found rambling to the plants around her about her life’s experiences.

            “Ia, should you speak to plants?” asked Deidre one morning. She had found Ianna laying on the ground as she spoke to a lavender bush.

            “Mama, I speak with the Earth,” responded Ianna. Deidre wasn’t too concerned; really, she was rather pleased. Nature was a huge part of their lifestyle, so it was good that her child loved it. In fact, nature was her people’s lifestyle.

            “And what does the Earth tell you, Ianna?” asked Deidre. Ianna looked at her mother solemnly.

            “Many secrets,” she answered. “Mostly about the future. Mama, did you know that I’m a Magickal being? I am of the Earth.”

            Deidre chuckled. “We all are. In the gods’ will, we were chosen to hold their ‘magick’, their life source.” She smiled and continued. “Our magick is life.”

            “No, Mama,” insisted Ianna. “I’m different!”

            Deidre nodded, knowing that children imagined such peculiar things.

            “What else does the Earth tell you?” she questioned. Ianna put her ear to a fern and closed her eyes, listening intently.

            “The famines are travelling our way again. Also…” she listened again. “Many of us are to die. People I know.” Ianna looked at the sky. “And soon.”

The End

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