The Newest Arrival - Page 3Mature

“Ouch!” but Aria pounced on the noise. It looked like she’d pounced on a little mound, but the thing rolled and rolled until Aria blew it right up into the air. It couldn’t move.

“Grippa!?” Gryphon roared, and some birds squawked and flew away.

Aria let her down.

“What are you doing here? You’re miles from home!” Gryphon glared.

“I-I was following you.”

“Nice try, I’ve heard that one before.” He glanced at Aria.

“But – But I wanted to know where you were going. I didn’t realise you’d be coming this far!”

“Go home Grippa.” Gryphon growled.

“I don’t know how!” Grippa cried.

“Oh Gryphon, have a heart. This poor little one is lost and confused. She only came because she admires you.”

“So what? She shouldn’t have come. There are enough of us already!”

“But we can’t leave. She won’t know her own strength yet. She’s only the same age as Electra, in human time.”

“Yes but not in our time!” Aria pulled a sad face at him, “Okay! Fine. One more person, that’s it! We can’t just keep collection defenceless little ones Aria. We won’t have enough food or water.”

“Yes I know. Well seeing as we’re all awake, let’s see what you have in your sack?” Aria sighed.

The End

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