The Newest Arrival - Page 2Mature

“Yes Sara, you’re right this is a special place to be. But they say people change in this clearing. People who don’t believe it will anyway.”

The tall beautiful woman with bare feet stood beside her, and on the other side was an old woman – the wise one. She looked down at the girl and smiled warmly.

Electra stumbled back and tried to run from the clearing, but she tripped and fell.

The girl wakes with a start. A silhouette crosses her vision, leaning over her, grinning.

“They’ll never know where you went! But if I bring you back, say ‘I did the best I could!’ they’ll give me all the reward, and Mary’s fair hand! Ha ha!”

But just that moment on of the dogs jumps up at him. He knocks the man to the ground and they are locked in combat.

The girl rolls away and she runs. She runs away silently, taking care not to trip or fall. She never looks back in case away is chasing her. The trees fly by and the girl’s feet fly past the ground, barley touching the dry leaves.

At last she is exhausted. The girl stops by a tree to rest and falls asleep.

Something warm and wet was dragged across Electra’s face. Struggling to open her eyes, Electra screamed. Gryphon and Aria came running.

“There’s nothing here Electra! What’s upset you?” Aria was worried.

“Bu- Wha-? Huh?” Electra stammered.

“Don’t be too sure, Aria. Both of you move behind me!” They did so.

Gryphon blew hot air on everything around where Electra had been sitting.

Something made a noise a bit like a cough and 

The End

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