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After waiting there for some time, Aria and Electra didn’t show up. He slowly walked back along the road out of town and then off the path into the trees.

Meanwhile, Aria and Electra were in alone, lost in the city away from the market.

“Where are we Arrie?” Electra whispered.

“In the city,” Aria reassured, “I was so sure that was the right way!”

A chicken fell out of the window of a nearby house and ran across the street into a tiny alley. Aria shivered and looked up.

“What are you looking for?” Electra asked.

“A guide.” was Aria’s reply. Electra didn’t understand, but she didn’t question.

Suddenly she started walking forward, still looking up wards. Electra hurriedly followed. She looked up. Above, way up, was a small shape, like a bird only too high and the wrong shape. Although easily mistaken for a bird, to Aria there was no mistaking it for a Joka, with the long tail and huge wings.

They kept walking, following the direction of the Joka and they came to a busy street. Someone grabbed Aria’s hand and punched a burning substance in the shape of a horse on her hand. It stung but she couldn’t do anything about it. She tightly clutched Electra’s hand and pushed through the people.

Someone grabbed Electra and tried to pull her away, muttering and beckoning with her long, bony finger. Realising, Aria spun to face her, staring into her grey-green eyes and snarled, sending a tornado force gust of wind towards the woman. She pulled Electra out of the now stunned woman’s grasp, she ran.

They ran past the market stalls, the shops, the taverns and away from the people, into the forest where they had before. Gryphon was waiting for them.

“I was beginning to wander where you had got to.” He smiled at nonchalantly. Aria smiled back and mouthed “Thank you.”

The End

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