Somewhere New - Page 4Mature

other ladies had hat things, or their hair up in some way. I remember – nothing else now.”




People pushed and shoved in all directions. Aria tightly grasped Electra’s hand, pulling her in close so as to not lose her. She made sure she could see Gryphon’s red jacket in front of her as he made his way through the crowded street. The street widened to a town square, with market stalls and people everywhere, shouting, buying, selling everyone was busy. Two young boys, little older than Electra ran between Aria and Gryphon, chasing a pig.

Gryphon turned back.

“You have a look around, buy something useful. Meet me by the well in half an hour.” He thrust several gold pieces into Aria’s hand and walked off through the people.

Aria and Electra wandered around the market, looking at all the stalls. They bought some new clothes for Electra, some tools and a perfume that Electra found on a stall round the back, hidden from view.


Gryphon ambled out of the dark, noisy tavern and up the lane towards the square. Over his shoulder was a small sack. Behind him, a man stumbled out, hunched over and began to violently vomit into the alley. Gryphon ignored him. He pushed his way through the crowds towards the street they had come in on.

The End

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