Somewhere New - Page 3Mature

She attempted to control her breathing, managing to calm herself down.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to see that!” she tried to joke

“It’s okay,” Gryphon replied gruffly, “We needed to stop anyway. It’s tiring.”

They sat and drank some of the water in their pouches, Aria and Gryphon in human form. Aria wandered off, leaving Gryphon and Electra together.

“What are you?” Electra asked absently as she leaped from rock to rock.

“I’m a Joka. Basically I’m what you call a dragon, only real and better.”

“How come we – well, people, call you dragons, and even know about you, but what they know is wrong?” Electra sat on a rock across from Gryphon and stared, wide eyed.

“That’s a story for another time. You aren’t ready for it yet. However, there are some things I need to ask you.” Electra, who had looked down, devastated, looked up again, smiling brightly.

“What can you remember?” Electra looked confused. “About before the forest.”

“I can remember horses, a travelling party, and lots of people everywhere all the time.”

“Where? What did the people look like? Tell me everything!”

“Fields, flat plains. Hills, far away. The people had dark skin, darker than yours, but I’d seen darker than theirs. Their skin was sort of orange? They had black hair and brown or green eyes. Two of them had pale hair and blue eyes. One had pale hair and brown eyes. One had orange hair and green eyes. She dressed prettily, in white shirts with no shoulders, she was like the important girl. They were often together and acted very similar. They always had their hair down, when all the

The End

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