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“Where am I?”  Electra was standing at the edge of a cave. It was past early evening, but the little girl had fallen asleep on Gryphon’s back. Aria had laid out her jacket for Electra to sleep in.

In human form, Aria lifted her blonde head and her bright blue eyes shone, speckled with her usual yellow.

“Somewhere near our home, but beyond the forest” She replied vaguely. She hustled Electra to the very back of the cave as Gryphon landed where she had been standing, with a doe in his mouth. Laying it down next to the fire, he changed into his human form, so as not to alarm the girl.

“Dinner time,” he mumbled.

He ripped up the meat into three and then ripped small pieces off of the great hunks of raw meat. He started cooking one small piece, carefully leaving the head and hooves aside. They sat in silence until the human’s meat was cooked, and then ate. When he was done, Gryphon shoved the three big pieces of meat into a leather sack.

While everyone at home had been feasting (as was the custom on this day every month) Gryphon had snuck into the village and collected several things – three leather sacks, two swords, a bow and twenty arrows (to teach the girl to hunt with), a knife, some human clothes, water pouches and two blankets. He wasn’t planning on returning.

Electra curled up at the back of the deep cave, oblivious to everything but her dreams of dragons and flying and everything that had happened that day.

The End

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