Finding Electra - Page 4Mature

"Morning," replied Gryphon dozily.

"Remember when we used to pretend we were mates? When we were little," she said.

"Hm," he grunted. "Yeah, I remember that."

Aria chuckled softly. Jokario, because they live so long, don't marry, they become mates. They'll stay together for as long as they wish to be in each other's company.

 Gryphon rolled to his feet and walked to the cave entrance.

"Where are you going?" she asked worriedly.

Gryph turned around to see Aria on her dazzling blue haunches. Her eyes glittered with the light reflecting off her scales.

"Out," he replied.


"Hunting. Want anything?" She stood and took a few steps forward. Aria smiled at Gryphon. She launched herself into the icy morning air, he soon followed. They made their way through the mountains and over the Cekka Forest.

They were just going over the Cekka Forest when they heard a noise. It was a child calling. They looked at each other and a look passed between them. At an unseen signal, they both swooped down through the trees. There was little space for them to fly so they brought their wings in close to dodge the trees. They located the noise and landed in a clearing close to the source.

After changing into their human form (Jokario can change between their  Joka form and their human form, exactly the same as humans except for the tattoo of wings on their backs, the colour of their eyes and their hair) they walked through the trees to the noise. There was a little girl -  age three, maybe four - sat against a tree, crying. The child heard them coming. She looked up. The Jokario stopped

The End

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