Finding Electra - Page 3Mature

and adrenalin, flew as fast as he could away from her. Eventually she became a dot in the distance behind him.

He stopped and just hovered. He turned around and waited for her. She came at him from behind again. She was faster than him. She flew past him, he set chase. She slowed down and landed on a familiar peak.

"This is where the cave used to be."

Gryphon gathered gas in his throat again. A spark came in his gullet and ignited the gas. He burned the ice and it melted away, leaving an open cave entrance. It was a big cave, where the two of them used to sleep when they'd misbehaved and been temporarily thrown out of their mothers' den.

Aria crawled in, followed by Gryphon. It was a tighter squeeze now than it used to be, but not uncomfortable. They lay down together. Aria moved closer to Gryph. She felt his cool breath in her ear and it flicked of its own accord.

"I forgot you were an Ignisatia," she murmured sleepily.

"Yeah. What are you?" he whispered back.

"An Aerisune."

"Air, cool."

And with that they fell asleep.


They awoke in the dawn light. Their tails were entwined in a mix of red and blue. The scales glittered in the sunlight, the first real sunlight the Jokario had seen for weeks. That was the problem with living in the Netsomnia Mountains; it snowed and rained for months without end before a day or two of sunshine. And then it started all over again.

"Morning," said Aria.

The End

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