Finding Electra - Page 2Mature

“Don’t know.” Gryph admitted. “How did you find me?”

“I-I followed you” she blushed, her blue scales shifted on her skin. Her neon yellow eyes staring at him.

"You followed me?" he said.



"I was bored. I thought you might want to play, like we used to when we were young." She tipped her head and made a face like a smile.

"That was like 20 years ago."

"I know, I just thought you might want to."

"What d'you want to do then?" asked Gryph.

Her wings fluttered with surprise at him taking up her offer. In truth she'd just wanted to spend time with him. She knew they were too old to play anymore, but she longed for the days when they used to explore the caves and pretend the humans had found them and they took refuge up of the high mountains. By the time they were fifteen they knew every ledge, cave and peak in all of Pessanta.

"How about the chase games we used to play?" Aria asked him.


And with no warning at all, Gryphon soared up. He spread his wings and glided back down slowly. Aria had disappeared. Surging forward to where she had been perched moments earlier, he thought about landing, but before the thought could fully form in his mind it was forgotten as something flew into him from behind.

Aria’s sky blue wings wrapped around Gryph and she laughed throatily, more of a bark or a snarl than a laugh. Gryphon escaped her grip and, in a rush of energy

The End

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