Finding Electra - Page 1Mature

Two Jokas find a young girl and literally take her under their wings as they venture away from home for the first time and discover themselves.

Soaring through the air, Gryphon looked down on the peaks below. Below him was Mount Ignis, a volcano but hadn't been active since the Jokario first arrived, nearly 4000 years ago. There had been a final eruption shorty after they arrived, wiping out several hundred Jokas who lived there.

Gryphon's sharp talons striking the ice and snow on the mountain, he clung to the side and looked around. He was alone.

He had come to escape. His mother was driving him mad! He’d said he was going out hunting for them but she knew he was lying. Although Jokario were peaceful, they were usually quite solitary, only hunting for themselves and their mate - if they had one.

The young Joka knew she knew he'd lied. Nevertheless he looked around again. Still alone .As he relaxed, his fiery red scales glinted dully in the little sunlight shone past the shadow of the mighty mountain at this time in the evening. The sound of wind rushing flew past his ears. He tried to locate the noise.

He could smell it through the thick scent of snow. Gryphon's scales bristled, pulling together, leaving no gaps for something to penetrate. Gas gathered in his throat, ready to be ignited. It came closer and closer.

A large, blue, scaly animal hurtled into the back of him. They tumbled and tussled through the air, down the side of the mountain until Gryphon’s back hit rock, a ledge in the cliff. He untangled himself from the other animal. It sprang up and a chirpy voice said:

"Hey Gryph,"

"Hello Aria." His scales settled back. He opened his mouth slightly, letting the gas escape.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Leaving. Goodbye" he replied coldly.

“Gryph? Where are you going?” Aria sounded concerned

The End

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