Chapter 2Mature

Skye and I walked into school together. Kassie, as usual, had too many friends to deal with, so she was with them. Kassie's very popular. Skye has her little group. She has quite a lot of friends, really but she isn't in demand like Kassie. No one follows her about, wondering what amazing feat she would accomplish next, or have to run an idea by her just so people would listen. No one felt pressurized by her fashion sense and annoying bitchy coolness. Her best friend was a smallish boy called Axel. He was sweet and caring - but maybe a little too much. I've always thought he liked Skye a little more than 'just friends' but I didn't like to mention it. But really, Skye just.... floats.

As for me, I'm bit of a loner really. I'm untrusting and I don't like serious friendships which most people seem to be looking for - I just like a friendship where I can laugh with them and have a good time but they don't mind if I have other people that I hang out with. I can't seem to find something like that around here so I gave up. There's also the fact that I'm a bit of a geek. And that I always put studying first. But really, my best friends are: Skye, our cousin Fran (short for Francesca), Calpol and that squidgy thing in the corner that's stuck to the wall. I think it used to be a cheap, fake alien thing, tortured when Kassie was young. It's now a deformed lump.

Anyway, Skye and I went upstairs to her form room, where a number of girls were sitting on tables and chatting. One was giggling hysterically. I recognized a few of them. Kari, the swimmer with dead straight, ash blonde hair; Sophie; Maisie was the one giggling - boy obsessed, frizzy haired, freckled; I didn't know any others by name.

We settled down on the other side of the classroom and I helped her with her maths homework from tutoring (I'm very advanced at it) and she helped me with my science theory which uncle Waldo had set - he's very into science.

Eventually the bell went and I dashed downstairs to my form room for registration. My teacher, Mademoiselle Debut, was early (as usual) and had a go at me for being late (as usual although I was half an hour early and only upstairs). I hurriedly packed my bag for double Spanish (with her unfortunately) and fast-walked to the auditorium to catch up with my class. 

10A was already at the back and the seats were filled up with year sevens and eights so I slipped into the front row and prepared myself for half an hour of boring torture formally known as assembly.




In Spanish, I found out we had a new boy in school.Oh great, another person to torment me and tease and drag out my soul. Another person to hate.I thought.

As I generally sit alone, I was the only one with a space next to me. My personal bubble was popped and I had a Robbie Summers sitting next to me. I ignored him and pressed on with the work we were given.

I was finished on exactly seven minutes thirty-two seconds, so I did Skye's maths homework.

'Wow, that looks complicated.' a half cheerful voice said. I jumped and turned to him. I hadn't actually looked at him before; he had deep brown pools for eyes and long (for a boy), curly, brown hair, an upside down triangle for a face and a smile like a demented monkey. He was quite cute - in a way.

'It's A-level algebra.' I replied cleverly and turned back to question forty-seven.

'You finished quickly!' he attempted at conversation again. It was quite annoying. 'I'm stuck on question three, please can you explain why it's "Yo estoy comiendo un sándwich" not "Estar comiendo un sándwich"? Senorita Debut corrected it and I don't know why. I'm sure you're clever enough to work it out - and you didn't lose a single mark!' he pleaded and driveled. I was pleased to get a chance to show off my superior intelligence.

'Well, "Estar comiendo un sándwich" means I be eating a sandwich, which doesn’t make sense, whereas "Yo estoy comiendo un sándwich" means I am eating a sandwich - which does'

'You're amazing, thanks.'

I wasn't often complimented and I felt strange. But it was nice. I thought I was going to like the new kid.

A week laster, Robbie and I spent a bit of time together and we.... friendly aqquaintances. We were hanging out in the higher part of the library. He wandered over to the book shelf and plucked out born to run.

'Do you like that kind of stuff? Tragedy I mean. I suggest Adolphus Tips'

'Yeah okay. I love Michael Morpurgo's books'

'You should try Secret Solstice; it’s a bit of a love story; about a girl who has a deep lust for a boy who hates her. When she hears him talking about her (in a bad way) she sinks into depression. It's like everything fades away - her sun has disappeared. Eventually she commits suicide. The boy actually really liked her but didn't know it. In the end he commits suicide too.'

'Pleasant.' was all he said.

There was a silence for a while.

'Hey, I'm new to the area, could you show me around after school?' he asked.

'Sure. I'd be delighted!'

The End

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