Chapter 1Mature

13 years later


It was the annual back-to-school party and this year it was held by Michelle Butcher at the Boundary House. The air was smoky and smelt of beer.

A tall skinny eighteen year old girl stood in the corner of the bar, clutching a glass of vodka. Her black hair hung in ringlets around her face, her light blue eyes unfocused. She wore skinny jeans with a black tank top. Her name was Skye Alexandra Lýkos.

Sat at the bar, reading an essay was a small, fourteen year old girl. Her eyes blue bulged under her black rectangular glasses. This was Azura Lottie Lýkos. Azura's hair had darkened over the years and was now a light brown, which hung straight down to her elbows.

Finally, sitting at a round table surrounded by boys was a small, dark haired, pretty girl. She wore a denim mini skirt and black chunky belt. Her eyes were a gleaming emerald colour. Kassie Jenibelle Lýkos.

That's me, Kassie. The other two, they're my sisters. I'm thirteen as of two days ago. And I'm going into year eight. I guess I'm the more confident of all my sisters, I mean, I'm quite popular - okayverypopular, I have lots of friends - including male buddies, and I've had several boyfriends and I'm only thirteen! My sisters say that I get loads of friends because of my style: cute, bubbly and an amazing sense of fashion. However, I still think it's to do with the confidence.

For example, my sister Skye, she's very shy and mysterious. She doesn't have many friends. Azura...... I don't know if she hasanyfriends.

Skye stumbled over to my table, pushed gorgeous Freddie Ferraine off his chair and casually sat down in his place, leaving poor Freddie to get up and quickly scuttle off to the Gents to find some toilet paper for his wounded bleeding nose.

'Hey!' I exclaimed as Skye fiercely grabbed my shoulders.

'Kassie, something's going to happen, I can feel it!' she cried and dug her fingernails into my shoulder.

I looked into Skye's frightened eyes and sweaty face but a flash of lightening and a rumble of thunder broke my gaze.
'Yeah, a thunderstorm.' I replied wittily. My male friends laughed but Skye didn't understand.

'Kassie! Believe me, please,' she yelled, 'It's true!' Then another lightening flashed, thunder rumbled and Skye screamed and fell to the floor.

Before anything could do anything, a tall, dark, handsome boy around nineteen picked her up and carried her outside. Immediately after the door slammed, everyone started gossiping. However, I didn't stop to hear what was being said.  I stood up quietly, my mind racing, and edged out from behind the table and headed in the direction of Azura.

'Azura....’ I whispered
'Yeah, I saw.' she said calmly.
'Do you think... do you think we should go and see...?'
'No,' she replied softly, 'she'll be safe with Damien.' I felt at ease when she said the word safe.
'Torrin?' I asked, raising my eyebrows. She sensed my relaxed attitude.
'No silly, Damien. He's new'
'Ah, I wondered why he hadn't asked me out yet.' I laughed, 'But how come you know his name?' I questioned.
'I heard him and his friends talking about Quantum physics - I couldn't help but listen in.' Azura confessed. 'He seemed really friendly. Not in that way!' she added when she saw the smile on my face.

I envy Azura. She's so laid-back and it seems she knows everything - not just academically but she notices everything. Everything that's happening around her. Other the other hand, Skye never notices what's going on at the time but she always knows what'sgoingto happen. As for me, a tornado could sweep past in front of my eyes and I wouldn't notice. That's how observant I am.

I started walking back to my take with the boys when I saw Freddie coming out of the toilets holding a paper tissue to his nose. He scowled at me and I gave him a sympathetic glance.

I retook my place amongst the boys and started flirting with Joshua Maron. After ten minutes, I had several invitations to the boys houses - all refused politely. Azura came over to our table we left together to walk back down the road.

The End

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