Three sisters are sucked into the world of the Greek gods and must save their culture and civilisation in order to meet their lost mother and father.

The universe is made up of many different worlds lying in parallel to each other. One world is inhabited by humans and all the creatures they share it with, the rest are filled with gods from all periods of time.

Earth - the human planet - is the centre of the universe. The godly planets had bridges gateways, between themselves and Earth. But, as humans stopped believing in the supernatural and focused on 'science', the bridges cracked and rotted away before crumbling into the unending abyss. Some stayed strong while hundreds and thousands of others..... collapsed. Incan, Celtic, Norse, their bridges faded away, along with many, many others.

Only those born with a special ability could converse with those of a fallen world - just one world. The old gods grew lonesome and bored. Some started wars with each other. Together they'd watch their worlds fall, whether by fire, ice or just darkness. Some were lost entirely, never to be remembered or seen again. But there were those that continued their existence without the bridge - the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, they all just.... existed.

The story of the Greek world is most interesting. Just before their gateway collapsed, Zeus and several other Gods and Titans focused on a woman. This woman was a mother of three girls - a five year old, a two year old and a three-week old. Three little girls with no future of their own, Fate had already sent them on their path; destiny had already decided what it would hurl at them on that path. Threeveryspecial girls with no choice in the matter of it...




'Are you ready for this Cassetta?'
'Anything for my girls, my Lord.'

A woman and a man stood on a high cliff above a raging sea, the wind howling around their ears as the thunder died away. The sky was a deep blue, the same as the man's eyes, and the stars twinkled around a misty bridge.

The man had grey hair and a wise, ancient look about him. He wore a purple robe besparkled with gold. He looked old.

The woman was in her thirties. Her dark hair tumbled over her pale face, only revealing her sea green, nereid eyes; thin, powdered nose and thin red lips. She wore a red dress with a flower pinned onto the single, think strap.

On her hip was a small girl of two. Another clung to her hand, hiding her face behind her mother's leg. A pram in front of them contained another three week old baby.

'You know you are sacrificing your soul for your daughters?'
'My Lord, I am the most faithful servant you have had for millennia. I will do all I can to save your kingdom. The bridge falls tonight. Maybe in a decade or two it will be rebuilt and Olympus will be saved.'
'Ah yes, pity about the bridge isn't it? I found the perfect location. Still, can't be helped. Come forth, Godfathers, Godmothers.'

Almost immediately, a boy and a girl walked out of the mist towards them, followed by six others. The boy was blond with brilliant blue eyes; the girl had chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes and wore a green shirt, grey waistcoat and grey miniskirt. Her hair had one tiny plait at the front. Artemis and Apollo looked about fourteen but in actual fact they were three thousand four hundred years and forty three days old.

Behind them was a woman looking about forty. She had mousy brown hair is curls and plaits with daisies, buttercups and tiny sunflowers twisted into it. She had shy but passionate eyes. She wore a brown-orange floaty dress with lots of scarves and necklaces. Bracelets jangled on her wrists. Roman style sandals half covered her feet. She was Demeter.

A tall man with black hair and dark eyes had his arm around a young woman with black layered hair and light blue eyes. She had a silver and purple dress and a silver feather hung around her neck on a necklace. Her name was Nyx and he was Erebus.

Seconds later, Nike appeared. She was seemingly middle-aged and had short dark hair. She was wearing a white blouse with a blazer and straight black trousers.
'Dressed up all smart for the occasion.' she laughed

The next woman was tall in comparison, with shoulder length, caramel-blonde hair. She wore a white, flowing top and a grey-brown skirt. A brown ribbon was tied in her hair.
'Hi Phoebe!' Nyx called. Phoebe wandered over to her.

Just behind her was Aphrodite - a beautiful woman withverylong blonde flowing hair. She was wearing a bright pink dress that tied behind the neck and frilled out at the bottom.

The eldest of the three children looked around, rubbed her eyes and walked towards Artemis, who picked her up and put her on her hip. The girl reached towards Apollo, who gently stroked her cheek.
'Hello Skye.' he whispered.

'Well done, I see you have chosen already.' Zeus congratulated.
'We had our eyes on her from the start.' Artemis admitted.

Just then, a woman with `a black bob and a long black cloak jogged out of the mist. When she caught her breath, she said:
'Sorry my Lord. The apprentice slipped up and it took a while to fix.'
'Do not worry Hecate, I understand. At least you’re here. Join your fellow Godparents.'

Hecate went over to stand next to Apollo and gasped when she saw the girl who was now in his arms.

Phoebe strolled over to Cassetta and stroked the two year olds hair.
'Hello Azura,' then she turned to the mother, 'May I?'
Cassetta nodded with tear filled eyes and passed over the bonny, blonde girl.
Returning to her friends, Phoebe cradled Azura carefully in her arms.
'What do you think?'
'Aww! I've always dreamed of having a daughter just like her!' Nyx exclaimed.
'What, you have fifty-two children and you still haven't got one like her?' Erebus complained.
'As a father, you should know that every child in unique!' she scolded
'Sorry, sorry!'

'Aww, hello cutie!' Nyx cooed. Azura nestled her head into Phoebe’s shoulder and smile shyly.

Meanwhile, Demeter walked over and smiled at the baby in the pram and stroked her hair. She placed a dandelion behind her fringe. She touched Cassetta's shoulder and smiled sympathetically, before pushing the pram away.

Slowly, Cassetta walked towards Zeus, crying freely.
'Shall we go?' Zeus offered. She nodded shakily. 'Alright, do you know what you have to do?'
A chorus of yeses was his reply.

Cassetta kissed each of her children on the forehead.

'These children have been blessed as the saviours of our kingdom. Skye, Kasey and Azura are given three Godparents to guard and guide them. In return, I take their mother back to our world. Farewell! Come, Dorian will be waiting.'
With that, he turned and walked away into the mist, Cassetta following closely.

Skye screamed and reached out. There was a crack of thunder, a flash of light and the bridge tumbled away towards the sea but disappeared into the abyss.

'Sssh child. She's gone now, but I'll look after you. It's okay.' Artemis soothed.

The Gods stood for a while, taking it all in. There was no way back. They could not return to Olympus. But eventually they turned back to each other. It was decided that they would take the girls to their Aunt Genni and Uncle Waldo. So that was what they did.

The End

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