Eldritch Haiku

Haiku is an easy form of poetry, short and sweet. Haiku Paired with the subject of eldritch abominations, however...well, might make the reader go mad from the revelation.

This is blasphemy!

No, this is cosmic horror,

Which is quite the same.


Strange green puffs of light

Rising in a cold black sky

We’ll never know why.


If it is eldritch

Expect to go insane soon

A merciful way.


In stranger places,

In mountains, somber faces

Watch with baleful eyes.


Rebirth of a God.

From the bleak and nameless void.

The Old One rises.


 Howard was faithless

Yet he indulged fantasy,

Worlds that couldn’t be.


Morbid and absurd,

Parodies of human life.

What’s beyond the veil?


Hideous creatures

Of weird and twisted design

Are oddly enjoyed.


The universe glares

Vast, indifferent, unafraid

We’re on borrowed time.


Other dimensions

Against all our time and space

Suddenly open.



Things we should not have to see

Right before our eyes


Spiraling away,

Is our sense of the benign.

Soon they’ll be coming.


No one can stop them

Yet in some way we love them

Stark insanity.


You are surely mad

To sit here and read these things

This Eldritch Haiku.

The End

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