chapter 1Mature

Leanna sat in her white dress, heart pounding against her ribs as she watched people exit cars. The chauffeur had gotten them there half an hour early, and now they waited for the time to come. 

Time went by at a crawl, dragging on for hours and hours as people continued to file in to the church. Leanna had never had man friends, but Tim seemed to know everybody, evidenced by the masses milling around outside in the park.

When the time came, Leanna stepped from the car into the waiting arms of her father, walking down the aisle. With long graceful strides, she walked down the aisle, staring straight at the man she would be wed to so soon. As she saw him standing there, looking suave and handsome in his new suit, she felt a tear form. Quickly blinking the tear away, she walked up to the altar to stand beside her fiance.


"I Leanna Jenkins, take you Caleb Morrisson to be my hus..." A loud siren filled the air, red and blue lights flashing everywhere, several police cars entered the clearing in the park, police jumping out and brandishing pistols and yelling at the top of their lungs. 

The world seemed to blurr up, wobbling around as Leanna felt herself being shaken. Police were now searching through the crowd, looking vigorously for something. Leanna pinched herself to wake up. A sensation ran through her arm as the skin went white between her ever hardening fingers. A stab of pain pulled her from her reverie as the skin began to bruise. her breathing began to speed up as shock hit her harder again, she began to panic as her chest tightened. Her perfect day had been ruined, and she had no idea why. 

After half on hour of searching everyone and the surrounding park, the police began to talk to her parents. A flash of fear crossed both their faces as one as they both glanced at her. Getting even more worried, she saw the fear melt away from her mothers face in an instant.

Her mother sauntered over to her, lightly taking her arm and guiding her to the limo telling her to go home and they would reschedule as soon as possible. guiding her into the limo, Joy walked off, leaving Leanna to her thoughts as the chauffeur drove her back to the house

. The drive was longer than she remembered, sitting in the back crying into her arms. The car stopped and she looked up, finding the chauffeur staring at her in the mirror. Feeling creeped out, she moved over to a seat with her back facing him. 

Pulling up finally at her mother's house, Leanna got out of the car, running up to the front door. Halfway up the path, she felt an arm slip around her waist, stopping her short. Hitting the arm with all her strength she tried to wrench her way free. When the man didn't budge, she kicked him in the crotch, running for the door while he stumbled back. 

Panting, Leanna leaned against the door, safe on the inside of the house. When she had regained her breath, she went to the phone to call the police. Walking through the old house, she went to the kitchen at the back of the house, finding the phone missing from the socket on the wall. As her heart began to pound once more, a voice said "mum and dad still keep a key under their hollow rock out back i see." 

The End

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