My Fault,
It's all my fault.
Others have been foolishly denying that it was i who created this. They have been trying to convince me that it wasn't all my doing, but i can't believe them.
It was i who made the choices which ultimately lead to this.It was my own ignorance and stupidity, not anyone else's. Though i can't be sure, i still desperately hope that maybe this would have happened without my help and it was just a coincidence i was involved at all.
Which ever way it was, it is irrelevant.
I must now accept what i have or haven't done for that matter and try to stick the pieces of this shattered world back together. Even when now more then ever i wish for this all to disappear and for me to go back to my old life. But i gave that up when i left and i have to try to forget if i want to take my last chance for survival.

The End

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