The sound of knocking entered my head. Startled, I woke up. All I saw was the darkness surrounding me. My eyes turned towards the clock. 2:30 am. I sighed and laid back down to sleep. I was a bit upset that I lost my dream, so I tried to re-think it. A guy, me, a world unknown. It was a beautiful dream.

Then there was another knock. This time, I heard it coming from my window. My eyes shot open. "Did I just hear a knock...?" I asked out-loud as I sat up to face my window. I saw nothing. Grabbing the closest thing near me, I headed to my window. As I got closer, I noticed a figure. I stepped back and almost screamed, until I noticed the figure's face in the moonlight. 

I opened the window. "Kelly?" I asked in shock. It might help to point out that my room is on the second story, it's winter time, and there was no sign of a car or anything to show how she got here. 

"How the hell did you get here? Whyareyou here?" I asked, trying to clear the millions of questions running through my head.

Kelly's face looked cold and her nose was running. I could tell by her eyes that she was frightened. Kelly spoke quickly. "I don't have time to explain anything. All I can say is that I need you to get dressed. I also need you to not bring anything but your most dear possessions. Also, everything will be explained later. We just need to hurry!" Kelly took a second to breath. She then pushed me and said, "Wellhurry!" 

I stood there for a second before I moved to get dressed. More questions filled my head as I put on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt. Moving quickly, I grabbed my cell phone and my Itouch. I also grabbed my two favorite rings and necklace. Before I headed out the window, I kissed my cats good-bye; shutting the window behind me securely. 

I climbed down the ladder after Kelly. Once I hit the ground, Kelly started to run. "Come on! We have to hurry! Run!!" Kelly yelled back at me. My feet moved faster than my head.

I usually get out of breath after about a mile of running, but something was growing within me as I ran. I couldn't describe what the feeling felt like, only that it got bigger and bigger the more I ran. 

Kelly and I stopped twice. The first time to pick up our friend Jeremi. Jeremi opened his door with a sigh. "What?" He asked, emotionless, as if he was expecting Kelly and I then entire time. 

"We need you to come with us. Get everything you need and let's go. I can't explain anything right now, we just have to move! We still have to pick up Devon." Kelly, again, spoke quickly. 

Jeremi only nodded as he went and got his shoes. I couldn't tell what else he got since we were off and running once he closed and locked the door behind him.

It didn't take long to get to Devon's house. Kelly knocked on the door, jumping slightly to keep herself from wanting to continue running. She peeked through the window. "Where is she?" Kelly sighed heavily.

"Why don't we try her window?" I asked. 

Kelly shook her head. "I was told only to knock on your window." Kelly froze for a second. She then added, "Please don't ask anything yet. I can't explain."

I made a face as she knocked on the door again. I wanted her to explain everything immediately, but since I trusted her, I kept myself from getting mad and asking questions. 

One more knock and Devon was finally at the door. The look on her face explained everything she was thinking. Which was probably in the lines of,'What the hell?' 

Before Devon could even speak, Kelly was already talking. "Please Devon. I need you to get dressed and get your dearest things. I can't explain right now, but I need you to trust me." Kelly's face changed from'let's go' to'please just believe me!'.

Devon sighed. "I would ask you to tell me immediately, but something inside of me is telling me to believe you." She sighed again. "Okay, hold on..."

Kelly sighed with relief. "Thank you." She then turned to Jeremi and I. "Okay, once Devon's out, we need to run to this place..." Kelly pulled out a map of Oklahoma City. She pointed at a destination point. 

I gasped. "I know where that is! That's my old elementary school!" Confused, I asked. "Why do we need to go there?" I felt my heart thumping through my body.

Shrugging, Kelly placed the map back into her pocket. "All I know is that once we get there, it won't look the same like it always does." 

Devon was now out of the house and locking the door. As soon as she turned around, we were running. 

Even though it's a 30 minute drive to Oklahoma City from Edmond, we got there in record time of a hour. I don't know how we ran for so long, or how we got to the school in that amount of time, but we did. And Kelly was right, it didn't look like it usually does. Instead of it's normal playground, a lake was there. 

My eyes were wide open and my mouth was gapping. "How did the lake get here?"

Kelly seemed as surprised as me. "I have no idea..." 

Devon spoke up. "What are we suppose to do now, Kelly?" She said Kelly's name with a hint of attitude. 

Kelly took a deep breath. "We need to do this..." Kelly stuck out her hand, two fingers out, and pointed it at the horizon of the lake. She glanced at us. "What? Just do it!"

Without asking, but probably questioning a lot in our minds, Jeremi, Devon and I all followed Kelly's example. A strong feeling hit the inside of me as I pointed at the horizon. I suddenly felt one million times better than I ever had. 

Kelly spoke loudly. "Okay, on the count of three, move your arms up and above your heads. Ready? One. Two. Three!"

All at the same time, the four of us rose our arms above our heads. As we did, I noticed that it felt as if I was pulling something up with just my two fingers. It wasn't long before I saw a dome shape thing coming up from the water. 

"What is that...?" Jeremi asked, breaking the silence. His eyes went back and forth from us to the dome. 

"I don't know..." Kelly and I said at the same time. 

Once our arms were fully above our heads and the dome was out of the water, Kelly told us to let our arms down. By this time, we attracted a crowd. 

Soon, the dome started to open. I didn't even notice it had doors until now. As they opened, I noticed people standing on the inside. There was a lady standing in the middle with three people behind her. The lady was wearing a long, purple dress with a purple thing covering her nose and mouth. Three guys were standing behind her, all wearing black hats, suits, and sunglasses. 

"Hello Kelly, Evey, Jeremi, and Devon." The lady spoke. "My name is Leah. Please, come forth." 

Jeremi made a face. "As you might of noticed, we can't. There's water in front of us!" Jeremi scolded at Leah. He crossed his arms and did a hair flip. The girls behind us cooed at him. 

Leah just smiled. 

I glanced at my friends next to me. They were all confused and talking quietly to each other. I then fixed my gaze at Leah. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and took a step onto the water.

"Evey! No!" Kelly started to stop me, but she was to busy gawking. 

I looked down at my feet. I was standing on the water! I felt like Jesus! "Oh my GOSH! Kelly, LOOK! I can walk on water!!" I turned toward my friend and held out my hand. "Come on!" 

Kelly, without taking my hand, step onto the water. She started to smile and laugh when she realized she was walking on water. "OH! This is AMAZING!" 

Jeremi and Devon followed after. 

After a bit of having fun walking on water, we reached the dome. Leah helped us onto it.The crowd behind us were taking pictures. Some were even trying to walk on the water, but fell once one foot was touching. 

At the dome, I was the first to get on; next was Kelly. Following her, Devon and then finally Jeremi.  Leah shot a grin at us. "Hello, young ones. Are you ladies and gentlemen ready to be a part of something?" Her focus was fully on me. 

Kelly piped up. "Yes." Kelly turned towards Jeremi, Devon and I. "I can now tell you what happened. I--"

Leah interrupted Kelly. "Please darling, let me explain. You've had enough worry on your mind just getting these three here." Leah turned towards us. "Hello. As I might of told you earlier, my name is Leah. I am Queen of your alternate universe." Leah snapped her fingers, making the dome doors close. I felt a sudden quake, and then it felt like we were going down on an elevator. 

Leah continued, "There has been a dark force overlapping our world, and we just don't have enough warriors on our side to stop it. We knew you four existed, and many others did as well. But they weren't old enough to come."Leah paused for a moment. She seemed to be searching for words. "You guys were going to be called sooner or later, but we needed you four as soon as possible. I must ask that you guys act mature." 

The dome thing stopped with a halt, sending the four of us backwards. When we got up, the doors were opening and what we saw was not what we expected. Or, at least, what I expected.

We were in an alley way. Brick buildings were on the both sides of us. In front of us, there were people climbing up the ladders into their houses. I cast my eyes upward towards the sky. It was night time and stars were very scarce. I took a step back.

The other three were already off the dome and walking towards the street. They turned around once they realized I wasn't following. "Uh, are you coming?" Kelly asked with a tensed voice.

Still gazing up at the sky, I was pushed off the dome. "AH!" I yelled as I fell onto the ground. I turned my head to see Leah chuckling. I squinted at her. "What was that for?"

Leah shrugged. "We need to get moving and you weren't moving." Leah floated over to Jeremi and the others, which made them gasp. "Welcome to your new home, where you will stay until the darkness is gone from this world. You may have noticed that you are feeling a bit more powerful than before. That is because you are. Each one of you have been chosen by us to help save our world...and your own." I glanced at Kelly, who then gave me the same look in return. 

Leah continued. "Each of you have the power to control almost everything! But separately."

Confused, I tilted my head. Leah only grinned. Her gaze focused on Kelly. "You, Kelly, have the power to control Fire. Jeremi, you can control Earth. Devon, Air. And finally, Evey with Water." Her gaze that she gave me sent chills all through out me, and it didn't feel good.

Leah turned away from us. "I don't have much time to explain anymore. I'm a very busy person, so I'll leave you guys now."

"Wait!" Kelly walked over to Leah. "Where are we suppose to go? We don't know this place!"

Devon chimed in with a "Yeah!"

Leah only grinned. "You know as well as I do, Kelly." Leah turned to the rest of us. "You guys have an internal GPS. Right now, it's only focused on your house. You guys will be able to find it in no time. Please don't go anywhere else but your house, it's not a good thing to be out at night." Before we could ask anything else, she disappeared. 

I sighed. "Great. We're left, powerless, at night when she even said it's not good to be out at night!" I rubbed my forehead. My attention then went to Kelly who was pointing towards a direction.

"There. House is that way. South to be exact." She looked at the rest of us, noticing our confused faces. "What? Don't you guys feel it too?" A little bit of worry entered her voice.

Devon nodded. "Actually, I feel it too. For some reason, I know excatly where it is, even if we were a million miles away." Devon started to walk forward.

It wasn't long before the rest of us started walking after her. As we walked, we gawked at all of the buildings and how much it looked like New York. The more we walked, the more we ended up wanting to hurry home. Everywhere we checked, turned, or even glanced at had someone or something watching us. In fact,everyonewas watching us. It took everything inside of me to keep me from running to the house. It was probably like that for all of us.

After thirty minutes of walking, the city and the people faded. We where now surrounded by trees and darkness. Jeremi was the first one to break the silence. "How much farther do you think it is? If I had my motorcycle, I'd be there by now!"

Kelly made a sneered face. "Yeah, well, if you had your motorcycle, the rest of us would probably be raped by now. This may be a different dimension, but three girls walking by themselves is still probably a bad idea." Kelly made a big sigh and shook her head.

Jeremi shrugged. "Well, sorry. I was kinda hoping that this place was closer."

Kelly snapped back. "Well I'mgladthat it's far away from the city! It's much scarier here than back at home..."

"It's actually just like New York, if you think about it. Tall buildings, a lot of people, scary people on the streets..." I got cut off by Devon.

"We're here!" Devon jumped up. 

We all gaped at the house. It was on top of a hill and it was big. Without any words, we were all running towards the door and entering the house. Luckily, it was unlocked.It won't be like that when we start living here.I thought to myself.

Inside, there were furniture and everything. It was as if we didn't need to go shopping! I walked around in what seemed to be the living room, while Devon walked towards the back doors. Devon yelled at us saying, "Come here! You have to see this view!" 

We all ran to her side to see what she was talking about. We were all amazed. A lake, or an ocean, was perfectly surrounding the base off the land. Trees covered the bank and surrounded the water 'til the horizon. I was filled with wonder and joy as I noted all of the breath-taking points. Not to mention the moon was perfectly put above the horizon while the wind was running thought the leaves peacefully. I took a huge breath and sighed happily. 

"Have you ever seen a better view?" Devon asked, enjoying the moment.

"Yes, when the sun is setting." A deep, soothing voice whispered behind Devon's ear. Devon jumped, swirled around, and almost hit the guy, until she noted how tall he was. "Sorry, did I scare you?" He joked.

Devon hit him anyways. "Yes!"

He smirked. "Good, but I was kinda hoping you'd push me into the wall with your wind powers." He flipped his hair out of his face. 

I smiled and asked, "What about water?"

"Wha--" Before he could fully look at me, water was up on him and pushing him into the wall. I snickered and Kelly high-fived me. 

Devon did the same. "Damn, I was really looking toward hurting him with my air!" She chuckled.

The guy stood up, shook himself off and smiled at me. "Ah, the water girl. Evey..." He grinned. 

"Wait, how do you know my name?" I tried to ask, but he already disappeared and was behind me, arms wrapped around my waist, smelling my hair. 

The next thing I knew, I was standing on a cliff. The water was hitting the side of the cliff and the air was coming in and around my legs. I held my skirt down. 

The guy's arms became a little tighter around me. The only reason I was thankful was because it helped keep my skirt down. 

He rested his head on top of mine. "You like it?" He asked. 

I could only nod. I then started hoping that he was talking about the view and not him holding me tightly. I then added, "The view looks lovely..."

He put his lips next to my ear. "I'm glad. This is my favorite spot to come. I can control water, just like you." He kissed my cheek. "The name's Jack. I'm going to be your private teacher. Everyone is going to have one. You guy will also have a combined teacher, to keep you four at the same rate, even though some of you will be ahead by a bit." 

Jack pulled some water up and around us. "tomorrow, we will begin our training on how to basically control the water." Jack then flowed the water back into the lake. "Alright?"

I wasn't really thrilled with him being my private teacher. He was kind of a creeper. But I couldn't really change that. I gazed up at him. "Okay."

He chuckled. "You're so cute." He then ruffled my hair. I squinted at him and hit his hand away. Jack shook his head. "Nuhuh. With water." He winked at me.

I looked up at him through my hair. I smirked, brought some water up from behind me and threw it at his face. It sent him back a bit, but also got me wet.

He laughed. "By the end of this week, you'll be able to do that without getting yourself wet." He dried himself off.

I gawked. "How did you do that?!" I stared at his dry body that was wet three seconds ago. 

He only smiled and said, "In time, you will learn."

The End

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