A story about four kids: Jeremi (the leader; Earth), Devon (the Different; Air), Kelly (the Strong; Fire), and Evey (the Caring; Water). A chance to save the world and fight darkness, but with problems on the way. They must learn everything they can within two-three months. Can they do it? And if they can, what will happen?

I was very tired and bored. So tired and bored, that I started to wish that I was somewhere else. Somewhere where I was needed and wanted. A place where I was the limit. Where I was someone. Someone in higher powers. Powers so high, that I was almost scary. Scary, but not feared. A place where all of this stuff I'm going through would be gone. Nothing but me and the world. 

I glanced at my clock, interrupting my thoughts.11:11.I closed my eyes and made that wish. I made that wish three times. When I opened my eyes, it was 11:12.  I sighed, knowing that my wish would never come true. A wish like that can never come true. 

I sighed and shrugged. "Time for bed...." I took down my hair and took off my glasses. I placed my hairband and glasses onto the table next to my bed. Before I laid down, I turned on my Itouch. I clicked my Korean playlist and hit shuffle. The song "Hello" by SHINee came on. I smiled and then fell asleep. 

The End

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