Dying FiresMature

Brellin watched as Kaasha returned from her hunt. The grimace on her face told him she hadn't been successful. Again.

"It will get better, Kaasha, don't worry," he said quietly to her.

The Khajiit narrowed her eyes at him but said nothing. It was dark, the moonless night lit only by the small campfire. Kaasha sat down moodily on the other side of the fire. She crossed her legs and sat in silence, as she usually did; Kaasha wasn't a woman of many words.

Brellin studied her pale, spotted fur; her one green eye and her other dark blue one; the golden rings in her ears that glinted in fire, reflecting the playful flames.

If hunting wasn't so bad in this part of Skyrim, Brellin knew that Kaasha would be her usually self: the mischievous, joking, lighthearted woman that she had been when they'd met many years ago on the border of Elsweyr and Valenwood.

Brellin didn't know why Kaasha was running from her homeland, and he had never asked, just as she had never asked him why he was running from his family in Valenwood. Together, the two of them stuck to the shadows, only travelling at night. That was another thing he didn't understand about Kaasha. She definitely wasn't a vampire, but she didn't like travelling during the day, not one bit.

"Where are we going next?" Brellin asked softly.

"I don't know," Kaasha replied, staring into the fire as if it held some sort of answer.

"I heard there were Dwemer ruins in this part of Skyrim," Brelling murmured, trying to bring her out of herself.

"Hm," was all she said in response.

"Do you want to go and see them?" he asked, looking into her mismatched eyes.


Brellin sighed and sat back, resigned. Kaasha was in one of her moods again. He would have to wait until she came out of it if he wanted her to answer in words containing more than one syllable.

Brellin looked around. The woods in this small part of the world were dense, and any animals that could be found amidst the undergrowth were far too small to make any sort of meal for one person, let alone two. He wanted to suggest to Kaasha that they pack up and walk somewhere else but it was getting too early, too close to sunrise for Kaasha to agree to moving. Brellin sighed again.

After a long while of just staring into the now dying fire, Kaasha finally spoke.

"We could do, I suppose."

The End

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