The Introduction to TamrielMature

The lands of Tamriel are divided up into the lands of Elves and Men. These realms are teaming with creatures of great myth and fascinating lore. They vary from the smallest rabbits to the largest trolls, to the deepest depths of the Dwemmer dungeons to the highest peaks of the most godly mountains. 

The rives run from sea to sea and the cities are sprawled across the highlands and lowlands. Every city has a dozen dashing adventurers ready to risk their lives for a quest that leads to gold and glory. 

Not all of these brave Elves and Humans find the gold and glory they seek so much. Most find death and lonely doom in the darkest depths of any number caves, caverns or dungeons. 

But when whispers of new quests rise into the ears of these adventurers, some will always answer the eerie call of faith and venture into the shadows of the unknown. 

These men and women will have tales told and songs sung about their ruthless and heroic acts of valour.  

Ten men and women will be called forward by the faiths that be and will chase the uncatchable, bare the unbearable and conquer the impossible. 

The End

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