My version of Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer.
Bella's mind is suddenly changed after a quick visit by the Volturi. And Jessica and Lauren seem to know a litle to much about the hidden world around them... But what can the wolves do?

Haven’t you heard what we have lived to learn?
Nothing so new—something we had forgotten:
War is for everyone, for children too.
I wasn’t going to tell you and I mustn’t.
The best way is to come up hill with me
And have our fire and laugh and be afraid.


Slowly I read through the note, passed from one end to the other by both our fathers, for the billionth time. I knew that the more I read it, the less chance I had of making the words say something else. Three months had passed since I last saw my best friend. But when a boy refuses to answer your calls, what can you do?

A bleep behind me alerted me to the fact my perfect boyfriend was sat on my bed.

"Alice?" Edward sighed into his phone as I turned and smiled at him. "What?" He sounded confused and angry. My face must have given away my confusion as he shook his head at me. "No that's impossible. Trust me, its fine!" He hung up on his favourite sister, a little too hard for his phone to withstand. Another bleep from Edward's phone - a text this time. A quick glance at his phone, and he rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Has Charlie gone yet?" I had not yet been ungrounded from my "quick" trip to Italy, to save my good vampire boyfriend from being killed by bad vampire royalty. The Volturi had already threatened to kill me if I didn't become immortal soon: an option Edward didn't like one bit. Did he not want to spend the rest of his life with me?

The End

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