Ignore Her.

It was pointless to say anything to the girl. Nothing you could say would change a thing. Besides, soon you would all get off this rock and into the galaxy. The busses arrived in an orderly matter. You entered and sat. The strawberry-blonde girl sat next to you.

“Hi…I’m Kya.” She said.

You smiled and said, “I’m Einja.”

 Neither of you had anything else to say. You looked out the window. Barren earth spread across all you could see. Buildings were few and plain. There was nothing to view. You decided to sleep. When you awoke, the bus had stopped and the blonde was already gone. You followed suit. A soldier stood at the bus door with a video screen.

“#010028. Report to room A-19.” He said.

You followed the bustle of people into a large building that looked like a prison. Following the sign for wing A, you walked until she found room 19. It was a small classroom; six other girls were seated at desks fitted with video screens and a woman with black waist-length hair stood in the front. The woman said nothing and you took a seat. You noticed the blonde a row over.

The End

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