Make a light-hearted joke.

The woman shook madly.

“Hey, at least it’s a shorter wait than that old soup kitchen!”

 But you received no response. Many would not make it past this checkpoint…but you would…you had to. One by one, the room dwindled down until it was finally your turn to enter the red door. You sat down in the empty seat by the table across from a large man who held a video screen. Two men stood behind him next to a machine on wheels. They brought the machine to you and connected it up. The large man viewed his screen. He nodded.

“To the base. Bus C-4.”

The door opened behind him and you went through. It was a long hallway that ended with a door and another scanner. It shined a light in your eyes and then the door opened. A group of people stood awaiting buses. You stood by the sign for C-4. You noticed a woman with long dark brown hair giggling with a group of other girls.

The End

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