A New Beginning

In this CYOA story, you decide the choices of Einja as she joins the military in hopes of getting off her run-down home planet. Each choice she makes has a consequence whether it be large or small.

You stepped onto the platform and the scanner examined her body. You were nervous, but at least you were finally there. The line was still stretched past the empty building where the soup kitchen once stood. You heard the soldiers talking: they’d only accept three more this month. The scanner began to beep.

Name: #010028
Record: Cleared
Position: N/A
Blood: Mixed

A soldier on the other side of the scanner beckoned you to walk forward. He opened the door of the warehouse and you walked inside. There was another waiting room with a red door on the far side. There weren’t enough chairs and maybe people sat on the floor. You sat down on the floor next to an older woman. The woman shook madly.

The End

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