Chapter One

Eiliyah finished forming the last brick.  All the others workers had left. She gave it one last pat before loading it onto the cart.

Even looked at her with tired eyes as her leaned up against one side of the cart.  It wasn't often that the mater's son worked in place of him-most likely about five or six times before.

"All done?"

"Yes," Eiliyah answered.

Even reached for her hand and gently slipped his into hers.  Even had been making moves like this for about a year-one year after Eiliyah settled for bricking.

"Eiliyah," he started, "you don't have to be afraid of me."  He paused," I'm not my father."

Eiliyah looked into his caring eyes and took her hand back.

"I know," she replied.

Eiliyah started the walk home, leaving Even to his thoughts.  She felt rude not saying goodbye, but it had been too late now.

She watched the sun was beginning to set, making pretty colors of purples, picks, and reds to appear. Eiliyah loved the dessert sunset.

Eiliyah wiped her forehead with the white apron of her dress.  The heat was getting to her.

She entered Ms. Kaphry's house, only now she could call it her own.  She lived in the house with Ms. Kaphry.  The older lady was very kind in giving Eiliyah a home to live in until Eiliyah could find one of her own.  

Eiliyah's house before this, was a large one she didn't need, so she sold it to a family who needed it more than she did.  They had seven children.

"How was work, deary?"  A lady's voice called from the kitchen.

"Good.  Even, the master's son, was running the bricking today," Eiliyah replied coming into the kitchen.

The old lady had many wrinkles in her face and hands.  Her blue eyes were filled with years of memories and experience and sorrow.  Me. Kaphry's grey hair was tied up in a bun on tip of her head.  Ms. Kaphry was a widow and had been for forty years.  He husband and her moved to Areseen when they were a young couple, but he soon after died of sand fever as well as the baby they had.

She had her apron on.  It was a sign she was cooking.

"Even? I remember when he was a small boy.  Such a nice polite boy he was.  A spitting image of his mother, but nothing like his mean father! Gaah!"

"Such a nice boy."  She repeated.

This had been the first time Eiliyah had spoken to Ms. Kaphry about Even, even though he had taken over for his father plenty of times before.

Eiliyah nodded. "I'll be upstairs, cleaning up for supper."

Eiliyah left, hearing Ms. Kaphry say, "don't be long!"

Eiliyah went upstairs to her room.

She gave her face a quick splash of water before dabbing the water off with a dry cloth.

She slowly set the cloth down while looking at her reflection in the mirror, that was over the table with bowl of water on it.

She looked closer.

Her soft brown eyes moved from feature to feature.  Her blond curly hair, to her freckles all over her face, then to her small, thing, light pink lips and then to her figure. She was medium sized for a girl-not to tall, not too short. She was slender around the tummy and hips.   Her eyes stared back at her.  They seemed to be waiting for something coming...something exciting...something spectacular to happen.



'They're waiting for something spectacular to happen, surely,' she thought.

The End

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