3: Walk


Chapter 3,

In which Isaac and Harmony go for a walk

Isaac and Harmony walked along, side by side, with Isaac taking care to be on her right, the nice seeming side. Isaac explained a little about his escape plans, and how if she promised not to get in the way, she could very easily just come with him. After he’d won and collected the prize, whatever it was.

‘I think it’ll be a permanent version of our immortality.’ said Harmony.

‘Bloody hell, I hope not.’ replied Isaac, turning his namestone over and over in his pocket. He was very, very worried about this girl. Earlier, when he was about to explain how the namestones work, because she clearly didn’t understand, he’d looked and seen that their names had moved together, as they always did when greennames were in the company of each other. But… Isaac’s name wasn’t in the usual ‘You Are Here’ blue. It’d turned to the ‘In Battle’ yellow. Which would mean he was in battle with Harmony here. But her name… the first half was yellow, the second was green.

Isaac was bricking it.


And so Isaac sat on a little blue cloud just beneath France’s ceiling. Beside him sat Harmony, humming a little tune and kicking one leg back and forth absentmindedly. She was sat on nothing. Isaac had asked her about this - her response was that it tied into her amazing running away abilities.

‘So,’ said Isaac, with his teaching voice in full swing. ‘Have you ever tried escaping before?’

‘Nope.’ smiled Harmony.

‘Come on, you must have thought about it.’ said Isaac with a frown. ‘It’s the only thing that separates us from Highlander.’

‘I’m sorry?’ said Harmony, tilting her head. Isaac wondered if he was thinking too much into it when he noticed that she tilted it to the blue side.

Isaac had, in fact, seen the film Highlander when it was released in cinemas. He’d never actually questioned until now why or how France had received the film to put in cinemas. Either somebody outside had other motives in the tournament, and so needed everyone trapped to be happy and entertained, until they were needed… which would tie into his thoughts about the ceiling… or, France wasn’t as sealed off as everyone thought. Both thoughts were as intriguing as Isaac’s pocket croissants.

Suddenly, Isaac whirled around. ‘Oh, dear,’ he said. There was an orb of light sailing towards them.

Harmony stood up on the air, and took a step back. The orb, travelling in an erratic path, was slowing down now. ‘Um… What is it?’ she said.

Isaac looked at her. ‘Hmm… Why don’t you stay and watch?’ he grinned.

Inside the orb was the shadow of some figure… it was close enough to see now. Isaac coughed. The little blue cloud stretched out, creating a large platform about the size of a cinema screen. The word ‘Highlander’ flashed up on its surface and vanished.

‘Ignore that,’ said Isaac, with a sheepish grin. ‘And don’t worry, you’ll be safe.’ He clicked his fingers and Harmony felt herself vanishing. This was a cloaking spell, then.

The orb began to fade, and the figure inside stepped onto the platform. ‘How kind of you, to set up a play area for us,’ it said.

Isaac grinned again. ‘That’s me, Mr. Thoughtful. I thought we could enjoy the view.’ he laughed. His eyes turned serious, his tone sharpened. ‘What do you want?’

The figure smiled. ‘Obviously, I’ve come to kill you, Raven. And that girl you were with. What did you do with her?’

‘Reveal yourself and I’ll tell you.’

And then the figure was just a figure no longer. It was a man in a black, hooded cloak. He had some sort of goggles on, that looked very technological. In his hand was a long, bent metal pole, about as tall as he was, with a variety of switches and dials on it. At the top, on opposite sides, were two strips of what looked like simple LED lights, the kind on children’s shoes that light up as they run in terror from honking croissants. He smiled, and Isaac noticed he had a little moustache. Oh dear.

‘Well?’ said the wielder of the ‘stache.

‘I sent her back to my apartment. It’s above a pastry shop, Le Chat Petit. I told her to have a look at her namestone.’

Hearing this, Harmony fumbled around in her top and produced the stone. She saw, next to her Blue name, were the names ‘Isaac Nevermor’ and ‘Samuel Luis Armstrong’. They’d now turned yellow.

Isaac shot a bolt of lighting towards Armstrong, shouting ‘THUNDAGA!’ This wasn’t an incantation or anything, it just made him feel cool. Armstrong didn’t even move; the bolt simply ricocheted away, colliding with the floating platform. But Isaac had had some recent experience with magical futility, and leapt forward, knocking Armstrong to the ground. This would have been a perfect disembowelment moment, but Isaac was drawn to act otherwise, he couldn’t help himself, like some unknown force was manipulating him, inexorably, to travel down this fork in his destiny…

Isaac tore off Armstrong’s moustache. And Samuel Armstrong was defeated.

The End

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