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basically a story about a certain teen who refuses to be a prince, a man who's memories has countless holes, a women who's body is used for more then just a tease, and an extremely unlucky guy

                                                                    Chapter One                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "So he's still going at it poor bastard I'm starting to think he just might get out this time if I didnt know any better I'll say he has a small chance but unlikely I'm the only one who will break out soon just need to wait for a certain fat boy to" -a loud slam echos though the room as a guard opens a small window looking in- "time for dinner runt hope you like them covered in shit" -the guard laughs as a body is tossed into the room though a hole in the ceiling and is quickly covered up again- "oh i'll be sure to remember that one it's only like the fifth time this week you've made that joke" -the guard smiles as he takes out his pistol shooting at the body- "try to remember not to insult the man handling your food next time. I hope you like the taste of rusty iron you filthy blood sucker maybe you'd like some glitter to go with that" -the guard slams the window shut as faint chuckles could be heard through the door- "he's gonna wish this hell hole had gitter after i'm done with it. Now then ahhh just what I was waiting for hello there mr tubby mind if I borrow your fat?" -he carefully rips through the stomach digging in deeply pulling out organs and spilling fat into a small bowl- "now i'll just need to wait for a little while longer till the next ship arrives then my dear good sir james you'll be the shit covered meal i'll enjoy next" -he softly grins as he takes a bite out of a heart the blood running down his chin- "blood in blood out as the old saying goes what goes around comes around for the day will come that I'll bring the payment thats due on our fair warrdens head he shouldn't think catching these many criminals is without a risk plus the rotten guards dont help"

-faint moans could be heard across the hall in the other room- "enjoy that while it lasts cause by next half moon I would have left this place to bleed with all it's so called highest security it's all just a bunch of corrupted guards thinking they can play god with any poor fool who gets locked up in here i'll teach them why the bad are better off dead then alive". "Time seems to be flying by ever so slowly as that guard continues his daily routine of harassing the prisoners it didn't help that his constant jokes grew ever so predictable" -a faint tapping ehco through the walls of his cell as he smerks- "tomorrow it is then about bloody time" -he dragged his nails along the walls to his door and with a slight tap on the window he waited for the guard- "what is it are you hungry or maybe you finally broke and are gonna start begging for your freedom huh bat shit?" "nothing of the sort just testing how strong these doors are my dear james" -he bangs slightly harder- "well knock it the fuck off you and I both know there ain't no way your going through that door in one piece" -james strongly kicks at the door- "see completely stupid proof just for you" -he quietly sit back down into a corner satisfied with the small cause of panic on james as he started to talk to himself rather strangely- "this dark little hole been so welcoming even though the company has been a rather huge pain i'll miss the silence of these solitary halls when that rotten guard isnt around" -he softly sighs motionless he lay still- "I wonder how hes doing I dont regret leaving but I wish to come back just to see if all is well though I wouldnt dare step foot near my father's home planet heh he was a tough old bastard though that is until..." -a slight tapping could be heard against the wall behind him- "I see so then it begins"

-noises through the prison could be heard as the guards line up and prepare for an arriving ship the whole station is in a busy order as the warden rushes to meet the new arrivals- "jones did you grab the papers off my desk as told?!" -jones fumbles though all the papers in his hands he foolishly drops a couple while looking through them- "yes sir i've got them right......oh oh here sir!" -he hops forward trying to pass the paper to the warden as he trips after giving them- "jones you stupid fool! get that lazy ass up and pick up those other reports now before I kick your ass back down to guard duty with stockham!" -jones quickly stumbles getting up and running back- "please sir dont stockham has already killed three guards this month!" -the warden continues hes advance to the now landing dropship ignoring jones pleas- "damnit that boy better get his act up together if he wants to be my replacement one day lord knows I cant trust anyone else" -the warden stands infront of the ships doors waiting for the new prisoner to come off as the doors open a sudden shaking shoots through the whole station sending everyone into small panic- "damnit was that the engines again?!" -another shake sends the warden on his ass- "no sir its something else!" -the warden trys to compose himself as he angerly roars "WELL THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON PRIVATE?!" -the soldier points to the moniter above- "its crow sir seems he got out early this year" -the warden quickly rushes to the controls shruggling as another shake rocks the station- "what did you just say?! he knows damn well there ain't no where he go with all the people he pissed off and it isn't schedule for him to be walking freely in the D block till next month so tell me exactly how the fuck he got out?"

-the warden quickly replays the tape of crow bashing two guard's heads in when they open his cell noticing they failed to keep protocols- "those idiots...damnit show me the records of him doing anything out of his normal routine there has to be a reason and for our sakes I hope there is... -the guard quickly runs though the videos as the warden addresses the station- "everyone this is warden axel we got a problem with a prisoner number 19785 codename "ripper" he has broke out of contract and needs to be put down try not to get killed you fools hes worth a quarter of this stations funds we need him alive!" -jones lightly taps axel on his shoulder sending a shock through the warden- "sir warden axel sir i got the documents for the new arrival what should we do with him now that we're at high alert?" "I dont care keep him in the ship and tell that pilot Stiebers to blast off at first sound of my horn!"

-the guard at the controls face turns to horror and screams out to the warden- "SIR IT SEEMS CROW CAME INTO CONTACT WITH PRISONER 58924 THEY WERE PLAYING A ROUND OF CHESS AND WELL...crow forfited and left theres no sound on the tapes besides well tapping..." -the warden quickly pulls on the emergency phone calling for backup from a nearby police patrol as he quietly speaks to himself- "if stockham got a meeting with that no good rotten tsukiyomi the hell on this station will be damn well near the pit of the devil himself!" -in the halls below crow makes his way through the guards and cell blocks towards the middle of the station- "ok so 50 halls down check then about 12 halls to the left and it should be... -a shot goes off skinning the bridge of his nose- "for fucks sake where the bloody hell are they coming from i blew up most of the main halls and the only shaft down here and that girl better be doing her part!" -grunts and loud screams could be heard on the other end of the hall followed by a small whine as a guard draws his last few breaths- "you called wuss?" -crow looks from behind a small create- "I ain't no wuss just cause i'm not as bulletproof like your sluty ass doesn't mean I dont know how to survive" -the women smiles softly turning away- "oh sure surviving if thats what you call it being as you were the warden's bitch and call me a slut again i'll show you just how big of one i am hunny" -she quickly runs off but not before flashing her ass slightly- "man I wouldnt mind if I knew damn well she drains peoples souls after shes done with them" -he walks over to the bloody bodies pulling keys out of the pants near a naked guard- "poor bastard didnt last long..."

-more screams of pleasure and fear could be heard across the other hall followed by the sound of a granade going off- "fall back men its mistress yoshimori switch to blood strain siren ammo dont look directly at her!" -she quickly forces the guards into a full retreat before making her way back to stockham- "well that will give you some time I suggest you hurry if you dont get him out now we're not gonna make it very far dear" "I know damnit but it ain't like I can unlock all these doors either you know damn well whos down here too besides theres a fail safe for this shit so give me some help will you?" -she gently rubs his crotch from behind- "oh I can help in more then one way hun but if its remembering doors you know damn well I dont have the memory for that" -he ignores her hand already used to these teases this not being the first as he fumbles though the keys- "well at lease go knocking on the doors here take half and release some of the prisoners as planned" "oh your no fun always so serious but fine meet you in ten hunny dont keep me waiting this time or im leaving" -he grins as she takes the keys and suddenly smacks her ass- "im serious for a reason I wont keep you waiting though but if im first I expect that promise to be paid in full" -he quickly runs off towards a bright hallway as she softly smiles blushing- "well thats a first hope he knows what hes got himself into teasing me like that"  

-james starts kicking on the doors in fustration- "damnit to hell what the fuck is going on up there!? dont know shit since those fucks were too cheap to fix the radios here and if we're having another drill im kicking one of your asses if you fuck up again!" "...only one sir?" "yes only one I shall send such an ass beating to one of your lucky little butts you wont be able to shit right for months!" -a sudden sharp scrape noise comes from behind a near door as the soldiers jump to attention- "shit its only prisoner 273" -just as the guard goes to bash on the door he then shockingly falls forward as blood slowly drips from his ears and with a loud bang slams into the door face first with his body just laying there motionless...- (FIN)

The End

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