The End of his Days

Blasting through the green landscape, Sonic pushes Robotnik in his wheel chair. Robotnik now understood what it was like to be Sonic running at supersonic speeds. He couldn't see anything coming his way; he could only see the tree's passing by in a blur. He could feel his now grey mustache wrapping around in his face from the wind blowing at him so hard and all he had to say was, "Yahoo!" He held his hands up in the air as if he was riding a rollercoaster.

Sonic stopped the wheel chair at a field of beautiful flowers that looked like a big fluffy cloud.

The first thing Robotnik wanted to do was pick some flowers with Sonic. Robotnik wore a white lab coat with a white buttoned up t-shirt underneath and blue pants.

Sonic helped Robotnik out of his wheel chair by allowing Robotnik to push himself up using Sonic's shoulders.

Robotnik was thin now so it wasn't a problem for Sonic, "That was excellent my dear hedgehog, I can't wait to do it again." Robotnik commented while standing up slowly. He was already sounding different, his voice sounded pleasant like a British man's voice.

"I'm glad you liked it, Eggman."

"Please, call me Ovi." Kintobor asked which his real name was.

"No problem, Ovi." Sonic didn't like the sound of that name, it tasted funny, "It really rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?" Sonic laughed and so did Kintobor.

"You always know how to make me smile, Sonic." Kintobor said planting a big smile on his face and showing his perfect white teeth.

"I just wish I knew how to save you from dying." Sonic commented losing his smile but leaving a small smirk of one.

"I would gladly take a cure if someone came up with one. But, Sonic this is probably for the best." Kintobor said touching Sonic's shoulder sympathetically.

"Whatever you say, doc." Sonic was kind of mad that Kintobor was taking this dying thing so poorly. If Sonic was Ovi, he would try to find a cure quickly. Sonic though, he didn't want to show signs of anger at Ovi, he wanted to give him anything he wanted for his last day on earth.

"So what flowers shall we pick today?" Kintobor asked feeling happy for Sonic.

"Well, we can pick these tulips here," The ones they were closest to, "Or the daisies over there," Sonic pointed to another pack of flowers not too far, "Or we can get some nice roses at the other end all the way over there." He pointed to a big red patch of land that was a lot farther.

"Let's get all of them; I've got loads of time." Kintobor said feeling adventurous.

"You got it, doc."

Together they picked flowers from all over the place. It was a fun experience for them to be spending time with each other as best friends. Sometimes Kintobor would feel so good that he actually ran through the flowers and taking in the flower's scent as it wafted through the air.

Sometimes Kintobor had too much flowers to carry and he pretty much dropped the whole bunch into a big garden of flowers so it was hard to find, like a needle in a hay stack.

Sonic eventually helped and found them all. He told Kintobor to hold them tight so they don't fly away.

Kintobor did as he was told and he knew why he had to grip them tightly. He had to hold them tightly because when Sonic pushed Kintobor in his wheelchair again, the flowers almost flew off behind them. Even if the flowers did disappear, he would've still had a great time picking them.

Sonic and Kintobor stopped at Cream the rabbit's house to drop off the flowers. Sonic pushed Kintobor to Cream's front door and Kintobor knocked on it.

Cream came to the door and opened it. She felt happy to see him and she felt even more joy seeing all the flowers lying in Kintobor's lap, "Oh wow, look at all of those flowers!"

"And this cool dude picked them all just for you." Sonic said pointing down at Kintobor.

Kintobor looked up at Sonic. He felt weird getting all the credit for what Sonic helped with too.

Sonic winked at Kintobor basically saying, "You're welcome."

Kintobor didn't want to argue, so he went ahead and said, "Just for you, Creamy my dear." Kintobor took a handful of flowers and handed them to her.

Cream took them and said, "Hold on, I'm going to get a basket to put all of these in." She held up one finger to say "wait a minute." She ran deep into the house and out of view from Sonic and Kintobor.

Cream's mother Vanilla came to the door wearing a welcoming smile, "Why hello how is you this afternoon?" She asked nicely.

"I've never felt better Ms. Vanilla, and please call me Ovi or Kintobor if you would be so kind to do so."

"It would be my pleasure Dr. Kintobor." She politely bowed her head to him, "Are those flowers for me?" Vanilla asked feeling flattered.

"They can be if Cream would be so kind as to share them with you." Kintobor said.

"She will, she always does." Vanilla chuckled as did Kintobor.

Cream came back with a basket for the flowers.

Kintobor scooped up some flowers from his lap and put them in the basket, "there you go my dear. Now make sure to share those with your dear sweet mother." He looked up at Vanilla and they smiled at each other, he looked down at Cream again.

"I will Mister, I promise." Cream put the basket down and jumped up at Robotnik to give him a hug, "Thank you."

Kintobor hugged back, "You're welcome." He patted her on the back.

Cream got off of Kintobor and ran back inside the house.

"Can you stay for dinner Mr. Kintobor?" Vanilla asked.

"I'm afraid not, I have a lot of things to get done today. Busy, busy, busy." He chuckled. "I understand, I hope you have a good night Mr. Kintobor." Vanilla said.

"You too, Vanilla."

Vanilla and Cream waved good bye to Kintobor as the door slowly closed.

"Why'd you give me all the credit for, Sonic?" Kintobor asked Sonic while being pushed down a dirt road.

"Come on, today is your day, Ovi, and I want your day to be the best." Sonic said.

Kintobor sighed, "I guess if you don't mind, then I won't either."

"Trust me, doc, I don't." Sonic patted Kintobor on the shoulder from behind the wheelchair, "So, what do you want to do next old buddy?"

"I want to fish. Can we do that, Sonic?" Kintobor asked looking back at Sonic.

"We sure can, and I know the perfect guy to take you to for fishing." Sonic pushed the wheelchair into supersonic speed toward that person.

Sitting on a flat rock with a fishing rod near the ocean was none other than Big the Cat, "Gee that wind storm was crazy huh, Froggy?" His pet frog was sitting next to him on the rock, "I thought you were going to fly away and I'd never see you again." He concentrated on his fishing, "Good thing that didn't happen huh, Froggy?"

Out of nowhere, Sonic and Kintobor show up at Big's fishing spot, "Yo Big, mind if Ovi here takes a whack at your fishing rod?" Sonic asked.

"Sure, Sonic, but I haven't caught anything all day," He handed the rod to Kintobor, "But you can try it." Big didn't know who this Ovi Kintobor was since he looked a lot different now with his grey whiskers and thin body and new voice.

"Thank you Big." Kintobor smiled upon him. He reeled the fishing lure back in until it was rolled all the way back up. He swung the rod backwards and swung it forward as hard as he could until the lure unrattled all the way out into the ocean.

"Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky Mr. Ovi" Big said.

As soon as Big said that, something grappled the fishing bait on the hook. The lure was shaking aggressively, "Looks like my luck's just starting." Kintobor said tugging on the rod. He reeled it in as best he could.

"You got it!" Big cheered him on.

Kintobor reeled and reeled until the lure was dragged out of the water and on the hook was a nice juicy fish jumping around.

"I wish I was as good as you Mr. Ovi." Big complimented.

"It was just luck." Kintobor got the fish off of the hook and offered it to Big, "Here you go all yours."

Big took the fish and looked happily at it, "Look froggy, our first fish of the day." He showed the fish to his pet frog and all the frog did was croak. He looked at Kintobor, "Thank you mister."

"It was my pleasure." Kintobor said.

"You wanna do it again?" Big asked.

"Sure, why not." Kintobor happily accepted and Big was happy to watch him fish. For an hour or two, Kintobor fished and he had a great time doing it as well.

So far, Dr. Ovi Kintobor has picked flowers with Sonic, went fishing with Big the cat, and hiked up some mountains. Kintobor actually decided to have dinner with Vanilla and Cream.

Sonic also joined them for dinner.

It was hard for Kintobor to eat because at the time he wasn't feeling all too well. He felt weaker than before but he didn't show it because he didn't want to alarm anyone or ruin anyone's day.

At the end of the day, Kintobor basically did everything he was able to. He was happy with everything he was able to do. Even though he didn't get to do everything, he was still happy that he could spend it with Sonic.

The sun was starting to set when Sonic rolled Kintobor slowly pass the beach. To Sonic, It wasn't the end of the day, it was the end of a friendship he always dreamed of having with Kintobor. Sonic decided to take Kintobor to the beach and just enjoy the sunset. Sonic sat on the sand with Kintobor sitting in his wheelchair next to him.

"Thank you, Sonic. This has been the best day of my life." Kintobor was becoming sad. He watched as the sun slowly descended behind the ocean line and the sky becoming dark and filled with stars.

"I was glad to help. I just wish it didn't have to end like this." Sonic was becoming sad as well.

"All that is well ends well my dear hedgehog." He looked down at Sonic with his beautiful blue eyes, "and to me, today has ended well for me." He smiled at Sonic like a father would to his son.

"I guess if you're happy with it, then I should be happy for you, right?" Sonic couldn't hold back his tears any longer and Kintobor saw that.

"Come here, Sonic." Kintobor offered a hug.

Sonic stood up and gave him one and didn't let go for a long time, "I'm going to miss you, doc." His tears stained Kintobor's lab coat

"I know you will, and I will miss you." Kintobor said crying too, "But I'll be watching over you all the time." he rubbed Sonic's back for comfort as Sonic sobbed into Kintobor's shoulder.

Sonic had nothing to add. He just wanted to cry his sadness out.

"Listen to me," Kintobor said still holding Sonic, "When I'm gone, I don't want you to grieve for me. I want you to move on, do you understand me?"

"I do," He stepped back when Kintobor held him at shoulder's length and looked him in the eye.

"That's a good boy." Kintobor stroked Sonic's head fur.

Sonic smiled with tears running down his face.

For the rest of the night, Sonic lay by Kintobor's side and eventually fell asleep until morning arose. When morning came, Kintobor looked to be in a deep sleep but he actually passed away. Even if Sonic were to move Kintobor's arm, it would fall down again. Sonic wondered if he could cry again but his sobbing came as fast as he asked the question. He cried and cried while kneeling next to his wheel chair.

Later that afternoon, they had a special funeral for Dr. Ovi Kintobor at the beach. They put his dead body in a boat and the boat floated between the sand on the beach and the ocean waves sliding on and off the beach. Everyone was there; Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, The Chaotix, Big the Cat, and of course Sonic the hedgehog whom was going to be the one to push the boat into the ocean when everyone was ready.

Knuckles was nice enough to make a tombstone with a block of concrete stuck in the sand of the beach. Engraved in the concrete it read:

Dr. Ovi Kintobor

Mobius's greatest enemy

Greatest Scientist

Most beloved Friend in the end.

Sonic put his foot onto the boat and pushed the boat into the ocean letting the waves pull him in.

The ocean waves carried Dr. Ovi Kintobor and the boat way out into the ocean where nobody could drag him back onto land.

Sonic watched the boat float away and in his mind he said, "Sayonara Dr. Ovi Kintobor." A single tear fell from his eyes but he wiped it away quickly.

The boat eventually went over the falls of Green Hill and the boat and his body were never seen again.

Many days after the funeral, everyone was going on with their lives like Dr. Ovi Kintobor wished. They all still thought about him from time to time but they didn't grieve.

Knuckles retrieved the broken chaos emerald and laid it next to the Master emerald along with the other 6 emeralds where they will now be kept from now on.

Tail's had the privilege of destroying Robotnik Land. The whole city went down in smoke and debris when he detonated the TNT that was planted everywhere in the city.

Sonic and Amy were now dating. They spent every day and night together and they couldn't have been happier.

Sonic went to Dr. Ovi Kintobor's grave at the beach and put flowers on it almost every day and everyday he went back the flowers were always gone. He didn't know how it was happening but he had a feeling that maybe Kintobor's spirit was picking them up. He could still feel Kintobor's spirit surrounding him every time he went to his grave. It was almost like he never left Mobius.

From that day and so forth for the rest of their lives, Sonic and his friends lived in peace and happiness.

The End

The End

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