A Mobius reunion

It only seemed like minutes after he had passed out that he had awoken in a bright white room filled with people that cared for him; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and cheese, Vanilla, and the Chaotix team. Robotnik lay in a bed somewhere in the medical wing of his base and all these people surrounded Robotnik waiting for him to wake up.

Cream at the end of Robotnik's bed noticed him stirring in his sleep, "Mr. Sonic, I think he's waking up." Cheese confirmed it as well saying, "Chao chao!" while pointing at him.

Everyone looked at Robotnik and he looked at all of them. He didn't know what was going on. He thought at first that maybe they were getting revenge for his evil doings but then he remembered what happened before he passed out. He remembered Sonic at his side crying for him to live. Robotnik looked over at Sonic whom was at the right side of his bed looking down at him, "You saved me?" Robotnik's voice was still raspy.

"I did." Sonic said.

"But why?" Robotnik wondered, "I've done...so many bad things to you and your friends and the world...I deserve death."

"I would never wish death on you, Eggman." Sonic gestured towards the others surrounding Robotnik's bed, "And neither would they. We just wished you would stop being evil and just maybe...we could be friends." He smiled at him.

Robotnik smiled back and for the first time not feeling any hatred towards Sonic, "I would like that too."

Cream walked over to Sonic's side of Robotnik's bed and presented a ring of flowers to Robotnik, "I made this for you Mr. Eggman." Cheese took the flower hat and put it on Robotnik's head. "I hope you get better soon."

"Thank you little Creamy and Cheese." Robotnik smiled down at Cheese and then down at Cream

Cream smiled back and ran back to her spot at the end of the bed. Cheese followed her.

Robotnik looked at Sonic again with a guilty face, "Sonic, I have to apologize for how I treated you earlier with the mind control and all."

"Apology accepted, and I have to admit, that was one of your best inventions yet." Sonic snickered.

"Even I was impressed with your work ." Tail's admitted proudly.

"You think?" Robotnik asked feeling proud of himself.

"Yeah. As smart as I am, I wouldn't be able to make something like that." Tails said.

"Well, thank you Tails, that makes me feel good to hear that from a fellow scientist." Robotnik said.

"You're welcome." Tails smiled.

"So what's the deal with this 24 hours to live stuff, Eggman?" Knuckles asked.

"24 hours?" Robotnik thought, "That beam must've taken some time off my life."

The room was silent for a moment waiting for Robotnik to spill the beans.

"Come on, Eggman, tell us." Amy said sympathetically.

Robotnik hesitated but he went ahead and told them, "Years ago before I was Dr. Ivo Robotnik, I was Dr. Ovi Kintobor. I had an accident with some Chaos emeralds I was trying to suck the evil out of and they transformed me into an evil person. And it seems that the Chaos energy is leaving my body and taking me with it, so to speak."

"You were exposed to Chaos emeralds?" Tails asked surprised.

"That's correct." Robotnik sat up in his bed.

Sonic looked over at Tails, "Didn't you say something the other day about how the Chaos emeralds can hurt people?"

"You remember that?" Robotnik asked.

"I may have been under mind control, but I could still hear everything and see everything." Sonic said to Robotnik.

"I had no idea." Robotnik said, but then he gestured for Tail's to move along with his story.

"Anyways yea I did some testing on Sonic's use on the Chaos emerald's energy and it showed that when the energy is used up, the chaos emeralds take some of Sonic's energy so the emeralds can be used again in the future." Tails explained.

"My my, that's no good." Robotnik said.

"In my opinion, I think we shouldn't use Chaos emeralds anymore." Tail's suggested for everyone.

"Ditto to that, buddy." Sonic agreed. Then he looked over at Robotnik, "Because if they're going to kill you, I'm never going to go near those things ever again." his eyes began to water up.

"This sucks, you just turned good and now you're going to die?" Amy said beginning to cry, "I'm really going to miss you, Eggman."

"Me too." Tails said beginning to tear up.

Everyone got close to Robotnik and gave him a big group hug, "You guys are sweet, and I wish I didn't have to go." Robotnik felt sad and happy at the same time. He felt the love he never got from real people before and yet he was about to lose it in 24 hours. He wondered why he couldn't have turned good before, he would've been loved a lot longer.

"What will we do without you?" Amy asked whose eyes were filled with tears.

"You'll live your lives, that's what you'll do. I want you guys to live your lives to the fullest." Robotnik said.

Everyone looked and listened to him.

"Do you understand me? I don't want you to grieve about my death. I want you to forget and live." He said in a serious tone.

"I can try, but it's going to be really hard." Tail's admitted with tears.

"I know my little fox, but it will get easier, trust me." he smiled a warm smile and that only made Tail's sadder because Tail's is never going to see that smile ever again.

Everyone backed away slowly.

"Is there anything special you would like to do for your last 24 hours?" Sonic asked.

Robotnik was puzzled by the question, he thought about it for a bit and he finally knew, "Everything."

Everyone liked the idea and volunteered to make his last day on Mobius the best day ever.

The End

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