A Fate that is Death

The wind blew like a hurricane passing through as Dr. Robotnik stood on the edge of a cliff in the backyard of his base. Robotnik couldn't help but stand there with nothing to say but, "What have I done?" in a tiny whisper as he looked at the angry sky.

The chaos emerald that was now in pieces lay on the ground and glowing so bright that anyone in a million mile radius or more could see it.

Robotnik looked at the clouds in the distance and saw something glowing inside a hole that spun like a tornado, "It's coming for me." Robotnik whispered again. He knew he'd done something so terrible that his 48 hours of living might be over in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Sonic and his two friends; Tails and Knuckles fought against the strong hurricane like winds. They raced through forest's whose trees were swaying to and fro like a man head banging violently. It wasn't a good time to be in a forest when the trees were about to break from the strong winds.

As they raced through the forest, one of the trees fell over in front of them and they jumped over the fallen trunk just in time. Ahead of them was a road filled with trees on their left and right sides and at the end of that road was the dirt road that led to an open area.

"We gotta hurry before these trees's fall and bury us under'em." Knuckles said

"Okay, here we go!" Sonic and the others gained speed at the same time. In a matter of seconds, the gang made it out of the forest and back into the open area. As the group kept running, Sonic looked up at the sky behind him to see how far behind that weird energy tornado was. He couldn't see it anymore until he looked right above him where it actually was, "Oh gee, this thing is faster than us!" Sonic yelled to the others.

"It's trying to beat us to the person responsible. It'll do anything to stop us from stopping it." Knuckles said.

"Then we better speed up a lot more!" Sonic suggested.

"Guys, look!" Tails pointed to the sky where lightning was shooting from.

"Oh great, it's getting worse!" Knuckles said.

"What do you mean?" right when Sonic asked that, a string of lightning shot down at Sonic but he quick stepped out of the way, "I see now."

"Watch out for the lightning AHH!" Knuckles then got shot by the lightning and fell back from the group.

"Knuckles!" Tails and Sonic yelled as they stopped and watched Knuckles fly backwards, hit the ground and roll on the ground until he stopped. He wasn't hurt badly; his body was just smoking from the electric shock.

Sonic and Tails were about to go back for him when Knuckles looked up and said, "Go on without me, I'll catch up!"

Sonic and Tail's hesitated not feeling good about leaving a good friend behind.

"Hurry!" Knuckles ordered waving his hands forward.

Sonic and Tail's did as they were told and sped off towards the energy tornado hoping to catch up before it beats them.

Sonic and Tail's thought the race would last a while when they saw the energy tornado slow down ahead, "Why's it slowing down?" Tails asked.

"I have no clue, buddy." Sonic replied.

They kept running until they came to a big city and a big neon sign that read "Robotnikland"

"You don't think..." Tails began.

"It's possible." Sonic and Tail's didn't stop just because they were about to cross on Robotnik's territory. They kept running towards the city that lit up land around it.

Robotnik still stood at the cliff edge watching the energy tornado and waiting for his demise because he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it, "fate has brought death to me earlier than expected." A single tear trickled from under his glasses and down his face, "but I'm ready." he smiled knowing that Mobius will be a better place without him.

The energy tornado stopped above him, "hit me with your best shot." Robotnik whispered.

The energy inside the swirling hole of the clouds made the hole glow brighter. The hole made a humming noise as the energy ball built up inside it and as quickly as a blinking eye; a green translucent energy beam was shot down towards Robotnik. The energy beam surrounded Robotnik and started to punish him for his deeds by sucking the life out of him.

Robotnik couldn't breathe and each time he gasped for air there was nothing he could breathe in. His body was becoming thinner and his mustache color turned grey. His nose lost its redness and turned a dark peach like the rest of his human skin. His body was lifted from the ground slowly.

"Eggman!" a voice echoed in the distance.

Robotnik turned his eyes towards the voice and saw a blue object jumping at him along with a yellow object behind the blue one. The blue and yellow objects became clearer as Sonic and Tail's.

"Hold my leg; I'm going to try to get him out of there!" Tails ordered Sonic.

Sonic held Tail's leg so he wouldn't get sucked into the energy beam.

Tail's flew to Robotnik's floating level and put his hand inside the beam. Instantly, Tail's felt the beam's power and the glove on his hand began falling apart, "Grab my hand!" He told Robotnik.

Robotnik was too weak to move any of his body parts. He could only stare at Tail's and not say a word.

Tail's didn't want to watch Robotnik waste away, so he went in further and grabbed Robotnik's arm himself and told Sonic, "Pull us out!"

Sonic pulled Tail's leg making Tails and Robotnik fly out of the beam.

Tail's and Robotnik fell to the ground but Robotnik fell the hardest since he was almost dead with almost no feeling left in his body.

The energy beam shot back up into the sky and disappeared. The clouds dispersed, letting in a glimmer of sunlight that sparkled over Robotnik's body as if Heaven was calling for him.

Sonic and Tail's ran over to Robotnik's body and kneeled over it.

Sonic held up Robotnik's head, "Eggman, can you hear me?"

Robotnik's throat wheezed like it was trying to grab some air to breath. He couldn't speak.

"Don't die on me, Eggman." Sonic said nearly in tears.

Again, Robotnik didn't say anything. His breathing was scratchy.

"You're going to be okay, don't die, please!" bitter tears fell down Sonic's face like a tiny waterfall.

Robotnik's vision began to get blurry. Sonic and Tail's didn't look like anything but blue and yellow blobs to him. The last thing he heard was Sonic screaming, "Eggman!" the screaming faded away into dim echoes until it finally died and all he could see was darkness.

The End

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