A tornado in the sky

The sun was just setting at Amy's house when Sonic awoke from the couch. Amy was still resting her head on his lap as she continued to sleep. Sonic looked down at her and in his own opinion, she still looked beautiful at sunset. Slowly, Sonic raised Amy's head as he tried to stand up from the couch without waking her. He got off of the couch and slowly laid her head back down on the couch cushions.

Amy never stirred in her sleep.

Sonic entered Amy's bathroom and looked in the mirror over the sink. He looked at his face to see if he still had his good looks, "I still got it." he pointed and winked at himself. Not looking where his hands were swinging, he accidently knocked the toothpaste from the sink counter to the floor, "it's too early for me to be clumsy." he sighed and bent down to pick it up but something felt weird about this moment, it felt like he was having some sort of deja vu.

Sonic couldn't make out what was so familiar about this so he just stood back up with the toothpaste and placed it back on the counter. As soon as Sonic looked back into the mirror, he saw Mecha Sonic behind him. Sonic gasped in surprise but he couldn't move. He could only watch Mecha Sonic's eyes glow red and at the same time a tiny ringing sound got louder and louder as his eyes glowed brighter and brighter.

Mecha Sonic grabbed onto Sonic's shoulder.

Sonic woke up from the couch sweating. The ringing was still being heard from somewhere but he didn't know. The noise wasn't coming from his ear.

The ringing eventually awoke Amy from her slumber wondering what that noise was coming from.

The ringing got so loud it was now hurting their eardrums. Sonic and Amy covered their ears. Amy drew closer to Sonic and he held her close while still covering his own ears.

"What is that noise!" Amy tried yelling over the ear piercing ringing.

"I don't know!" Sonic replied louder.

Meanwhile at Angel Island, Knuckles was at the Master emerald Shrine doing his eternal duties protecting the Master gem. He could hear the ringing noise too and he covered his own ear holes, "What the heck is going on?" He asked nobody but himself.

He looked back at the Master emerald which was glowing very bright which was very unusual.

"What's wrong?" Knuckles asked the Master emerald very loudly.

The Master Emerald was so bright that is was difficult to look at like the sun.

Knuckles shielded his eyes from the impossible brightness that was.

The Master emerald began making a humming noise that got louder and louder as the ringing began to fade away.

Knuckles uncovered his ears but continued to shield his eyes.

The Master emerald then shot a huge beam of energy at the sky which in turn made the sky and land grow dark as the clouds came close together. The energy beam made a wind tunnel in the clouds.

Knuckles recognized this, "I've only seen this in stories. Someone has destroyed a chaos emerald and now the Master emerald is going to punish the one responsible."

The energy beam from the Master emerald disappeared but the hole in the clouds still remained, "I have to follow the eye in the clouds and find out who did it for the Master emerald does." Knuckles ran through the jungle and eventually got to the edge of the floating island when he jumped off and glided towards the ground.

Tails had just come out of his workshop when he heard the noise dissipated, "Thank god that's over."

Everyone had met in the same place at Tail's workshop; Sonic and Amy, Knuckles landed near the group, and the Chaotix team came to including Espio.

"Did you guys hear that?" Vector asked.

"Yeah, I think we all did." Tails said.

"What was that?" Amy was still shocked from the noise.

Knuckles came in to explain to them what was happening, "Someone destroyed a chaos emerald, and now the Master emerald is sending an energy beam across the world until it finds who's responsible."

"That thing is a little over protective." Sonic said.

"The chaos emeralds are practically the Master emeralds children and it'll do anything to get revenge on the one responsible for killing one of its young." Knuckles replied.

"So what do we do?" Sonic asked.

"We have to follow the eye in the clouds; it looks like a tornado stuck in the sky."

Everyone looked up but Tail's was the only one who spoke up, "There it is!" he pointed to what looked like looking into a tornado, a hole that seemed to be spinning around with a glowing energy inside it moving in their direction across the ocean.

"Alright, let's move out!" Amy was ready to move but Sonic stopped her.

"I don't want you to go, Amy." Sonic told her for her own safety.

"We're a team; we have to do this together!" Amy complained.

"We are a team, but this seems too dangerous, even for you." Sonic tried convincing her.

"Why, just because I'm a girl, I can't handle it?" Amy said assumingly with her hands on her hips.

"No, because you're too important to me. I don't wanna lose you." Sonic admitted.

Amy smiled and nodded understandingly, "Okay, well what should I do." Amy asked.

"I need you and the others to check on Cream and Vanilla and see if their okay."

"I can do that." Amy said.

"Knuckles, Tails and I will go check out the chaos emerald problem."

"Okay." Amy and Sonic's hands slowly slipped away from each other as she walked over to the Chaotix group.

Sonic walked over to Knuckles and Tails and they all looked at each other.

"Let's do it." Knuckles said.

Tails spun his twin tail's and glided ahead with Knuckles and Sonic speeding along.

The End

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