The results

Dr. Robotnik sat on a table in one of the rooms in the medical wing of his base. He awaited the test results to see if he was going to be okay. He felt nervous as he swung his feet back and forth. It was the first time in his life that he sputtered blood from his coughs. It was a scary moment for him.

One of Robotnik's medical robots came into the room to give him the news. This robot however didn't have a robot voice like you would expect. This robot had a woman's voice.

Dr. Robotnik waited for her to give him the results. He was impatient, "How does it look?" He asked playing with own fingers.

"Not good." the fembot replied.

"What do you mean?" Robotnik wanted more details.

"What I mean is something is draining you. Your blood cells are dissipating, they are dissolving every hour of every day." the fembot explained.

"How is that possible?" Robotnik was hyperventilating, "I've been feeling fine all these years and now I show signs of weakness?"

"It appears that way, doctor."

Robotnik calmed down and he had one more question that would give him the answers he needed all at once, "How long do I have?"

"If my calculations are correct, you have at least 48 hours until your life force is completely drained."

"Until I die, you mean..." He mumbled but the fembot heard him.

"That is correct, sir."

The room was completely quiet as Robotnik took in the bad news. He took in deep breath, held his head up high and smiled. He looked at his fembot and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, sir." the fembot left the room leaving Robotnik sitting alone.

Robotnik couldn't believe the news. He couldn't think of anything that would make this a good thing. Sonic and his friends might be happy, he was sure they would throw a party when he died. He chuckled at that picture. He was going to give up being evil anyways, so it all worked out for the better.

Later that day, Robotnik entered a room that had tubes filled with water. In these tubes floated the 3 types of Metal Sonic's; Silver Sonic, Metal and Mecha Sonic who attacked the original Sonic two days ago. He looked upon these brilliant inventions of his in awe. He thought since he was going to die, he might as well get rid of everything he invented but he wasn't going to do it right now.

He went back to his throne room where he opened up the chaos emerald holder, took out the one chaos emerald he had and looked at it from all sides. He stared it down angrily, "It's all because of you. You made me like this and now I'm going to die." He gripped the emerald in his hand went outside.

Robotnik walked along a cliff that was placed behind his base. He ran towards the cliff and was about to throw the emerald out into the ocean below but he stopped his arm before it could stretch out. Something was making his arm freeze in place. He didn't want the chaos emerald anymore but he couldn't let go of the emerald if his life depended on it, "I don't want you!" Robotnik growled under his teeth.

The chaos emerald glowed in the center as if it were reacting to Robotnik's anger.

"Get out of my hand!" He screamed.

The emerald glowed brighter.

"Stop it!" sadness was coming upon him and that's when he could move his arm. He stumbled backward from the sudden ablement to move. Robotnik's foot caught the edge of the cliff and he almost fell off the cliff. He stretched the arm with the chaos emerald in hand forward and something weird happened. Something pulled him forward away from the cliff but no one was around to help him. He stumbled forward away from the cliff. He turned around and wondered what just happened. That's when he opened the palm of his hand and saw the Chaos emerald glowing in the very center.

He couldn't believe that the Chaos emerald had saved his life. He would never believe such a thing. So he took the emerald and threw it on the ground as hard as he could.

The emerald broke into pieces on impact. The breaking of the emerald caused a tiny ringing noise to be thrown across the world of Mobius like someone blowing a dog whistle.

covered his ears but that didn't help at all. The noise was so strong it brought him to his knees. He screamed in pain but no one could hear him since no one was in his general area.

The End

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