When you wish upon a star

It was nearing midnight when Sonic decided to find Amy and have a talk with her. He wasn't in any hurry because he liked to enjoy the night sky and its beautiful stars. Looking up at the stars, Sonic was reminded of an old song called _when you wish upon a star_ and he quietly sung that song on the way to Amy's house.

Sonic made it to Amy's house, approached and knocked on her front door. He waited for someone to answer but no one came. He walked over to the windows at the side of the house and looked inside the living room. What he saw inside the living room was Amy lying on the couch opposite of Sonic still wearing her special dress. The living room was bright with the lamps on the tables next to the couch.

Amy didn't notice Sonic because she was too busy pulling out tissues from the box and wiping her face clean of tears. Amy talked to herself, "I knew I should've gave up hoping," Amy sarcastically said to herself, "But there's always something that brings that smile back on my face just to take it off again." she continued to sob, "I mean why would Sonic want to spend time with me when he has that stupid Sally whore!" She didn't really hate on Sally squirrel, she was just getting it all out to make herself feel better, or try to anyways.

Sonic heard enough and he didn't want Amy talking like that anymore. He didn't knock on the door this time; he just barged in and stood where Amy could see him.

Amy didn't notice him at first until he spoke.

"Amy..." Sonic said to get her attention.

Amy looked up through her red puffy eyes. She turned her face away when she noticed him there, "What're you doing here?" Amy said sitting up and hiding her face.

"I wanted to come and talk to you." He approached her and sat by her side on the couch.

"I don't want you to see me like this so please just leave." she blew her nose in the last tissue she had in her hand before Sonic showed up.

"I think it's a little late for that." Sonic said light heartedly.

Amy sighed and lightly shook her head feeling terrible and ugly, "you probably think I look horrible." She said wiping the last of her tears away but still hiding her face.

Sonic chuckled through his nose, "obviously you don't have mind reading powers if you think I thought that."

Amy couldn't help but laugh but she bit her lip to stop it.

"There's that smile." Sonic saw her cheek muscles stretching from behind her head, "If you keep that up, then you'll be the prettiest girl I've ever seen"

Amy tried her best not to blush but it wasn't easy, "You don't mean that."

"Try me."

Amy was hesitant into turning around and facing Sonic. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and repositioned herself so her body and face was facing him.

"Now open your eyes." Sonic gently commanded.

Amy gently bit her lip when she opened her eyes. When she saw him smiling, she began to blush big time. She was about to turn around but Sonic stopped her.

He grabbed her shoulders to stop her from turning around, "Ah, ah I don't think so Cinderella."

"I'm no princess!" She didn't say it angrily, more like embarrassed with a mix of a normal conversation, "Sally was the princess..."

"That doesn't mean you don't mean a lot to me, Amy."

"How much is a lot?" Amy asked suspiciously like an eagle staring down its prey.

"As much as a best friend cares for another best friend." Sonic replied feeling good about his answer.

Amy scoffed disappointed, "That's not a lot to me, Sonic."

"What more do you want?" Sonic said getting mad.

"I want us to be more than best friends, Gah!" She stood up from the couch and walked away from Sonic but stayed in the same room.

"I can't do that, Amy!" Sonic said staying in his seat.

Amy turned around feeling sad and angry again, "Why not? Give me one good reason, Sonic the hedgehog." She waited with her foot tapping impatiently.

Sonic stood up and walked over to Amy trying to be sincere, "You know why."

"No I don't. No one ever gave me a reason!"

"We can't be together, because of Eggman." Sonic said.

"And what could he do? He couldn't stop us from being together." Amy didn't completely understand the danger.

"Yes he could, Amy. If we were together, Eggman would take the weakest part of me, and that would be you."

"What are you talking about?" Amy was listening with concern and interest.

"I'm the iceberg to his Titanic. I ruin all of his plans and he'll do anything to ruin my life and if he were to take you, then my life would be pretty much ruined."

Amy felt flattered, "Oh, Sonic." she began to tear up again but with happiness this time, "do you really mean that?"

"I do." Sonic replied.

She ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Sonic returned the hug around her waist.

"I love you, Sonic." Amy whispered.

"I wish I could say the same," they separated from their hug at arm's length, "But I wanna save it for the right moment."

Amy smiled, "I understand."

Sonic looked outside into the night and gazed at the bright moon, "It's beautiful out tonight." he approached the window and so did Amy by his side.

"Yeah it is..." Amy looked at Sonic.

Sonic looked at Amy, "You wanna take a walk with me?" he offered his hand.

"I wish I could but I'm really tired." She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"Then you should get some sleep, I have to get going anyways." Sonic randomly touched her hand and let his fingers slide off of her hand, "I'll see you later, princess." He winked and began to walk away.

"Don't go yet." Amy silently pleaded, "Please, Sonic."

Sonic stopped and turned halfway around.

"Can you stay with me, just for tonight?" Amy asked.

"I guess. what did you have in mind?"

For the rest of the night, Sonic and Amy cuddled closely on the couch with the lights off. The moon lit up the room making the experience more beautiful than ever. Sonic had to admit when he watched Amy sleeping with her head on his lap, she never looked more beautiful. Eventually Sonic went to sleep too and the rest of the night just drifted away.

The End

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