Deep Consideration

Inside the bed chamber of Tail's underground workshop, Sonic lies in the bed looking up at the ceiling and thinking about how much worse Robotnik's plan could've gotten. And he also thought about Amy Rose on the side and wondered what was wrong with her earlier that day.

Tail's came through the door to check on Sonic's health, "How're you feeling, Sonic?" Tails asked.

Sonic didn't move but he spoke, "I'm feeling much better, thanks buddy." His smile was meant for Tails but he didn't look at him when he did it.

"What's on your mind?" Tail's approached Sonic and sat as his bedside.

"A lot of things..." Sonic replied.

"Like what?"

"Like the whole time I had no control over myself, I prayed that I wouldn't hurt you or anyone else. I was afraid that Eggman's plan would go too far, so far that someone would die by my hands that I had no control over."

"I understand, Sonic, I would've felt the same way, probably worse."

Sonic didn't say anything.

"The important thing, Sonic, is that we stopped Eggman's plan and you got back control of your own body." Tail's tried to cheer Sonic up since his eyes looked deep in thought and worry.

"Yeah..." That's the last thing sonic said before Tail's decided to give him some peace and quiet. He patted Sonic on the hand once, stood up, and walked out of the room leaving Sonic alone again to think in private.

Sonic thought about visiting Amy to see what was up with her. She said she was tired but it all seemed too suspicious. When Amy touched her face, Sonic saw her finger stained with something. He thought it might've been a tear. It had to be a tear of sadness. What else could she of been wiping from her face, he doubted it was sweat because the underground workshop had air-conditioning.

Sonic made up his mind; he was going over to Amy's to find out what was going on. He got out of bed, put on his running shoes and made his way to the elevator when Tails, at his computer, saw him out of bed.

"Sonic, I don't think you should be out of bed in your condition." Tails didn't think Sonic was healed enough to be walking around on his own, let alone running on his own.

"I told you, Tails, I feel tons better." Sonic tried convincing him. He opened up the doors leading to the elevator shaft and turned around to say to Tails, "Don't wait up for me." he winked at him, turned around, and walked towards the elevator. He pushed a button on the side to make the elevator that was now on the top floor, come down to the bottom to meet Sonic. While waiting for the elevator to come down, Sonic thought of ways to get Amy to spill the beans.

Back at Robotnik's base. Robotnik wasn't surprised that his plan had been a failure. When the mind control chip in Sonic's head was disabled, his remote control stopped working. He also couldn't communicate with him anymore because the ear piece Sonic was supposed to be wearing was lost somewhere in the middle of Mobius. Robotnik didn't get furious at his failure like he usually does. He just sat there on his throne, silently overlooking the ocean through a big window.

Robotnik mumbles to himself, "How I dream of exploring that vast ocean spread without being accused of plotting something evil." He took a deep breath of air, "My plans are always failing, and I'm always stuck inside this confounded metal cocoon of a hideout." He stretches out his arms towards the window overlooking the ocean, "I want to go out there and be at piece..."

He speaks out loud.

Robotnik pushes his glasses upwards out of his eyes to rub his eyes, "I'm tired." he gets out of his chair and walks toward the window. He stands there continuing to look at the ocean spread in deep thought, "In order for me to be at piece, I need to change. I need to be who I once was before the accident..." He visualizes the incident before he became evil; his name was Kintobor and the rotten egg from the fridge of his laboratory. He tripped over wires and fell with the six of the seven chaos emeralds he kept and changed him from Dr. Kintobor to Robotnik.

His flashback ended and he came to the conclusion that, "I must change for the better, or else I'll meet my demise sooner or later." He coughed a little bit then his coughing became a lot more violent until he was sputtering blood from his mouth and into the palm of his hand, "What's happening to me?" Robotnik was scared, he thought maybe he had gynx'd himself. He had an idea on how to figure out what was wrong with him. He sprinted toward the medical station to find out.

The End

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