A Misunderstanding

The elevator slowly makes it way down into the lower levels of Tail's workshop. The only things they passed by were bright metal walls lit up by vertical poles with light inside them built into the walls. All the way down they could only hear the humming mechanisms of the elevator.

"Are you sure they're down here, Amy?" Vector asked.

"Of course, Tails always locks up his workshop when he goes underground. I always come down here and catch him and Sonic hanging out or working on some sort of invention."

"Maybe if we're lucky, we'll find Sonic hanging out down here." Vector assumed.

"You know, I never thought of that." Amy began to feel more excited that maybe this search for Sonic wouldn't last long.

The elevator slowly stopped at their destination. The bar rose up to set them free.

Amy and Vector got off of the elevator with Charmy hopping off of Vector's shoulder to fly by himself.

Amy ran by herself towards the double swinging doors calling, "Tails!" She pushed open the doors with her eyes closed, "hey, Tails, is Sonic...with you." She opened her eyes to a horrific sight; Sonic was lying on a block of metal with a pillow under his head. Wires with sticky ends to them were attached to Sonic's head and he was being held to the bed by metal straps. Sonic seemed to be asleep or...dead.

Tails was working with the computers that were sitting against the white tiled walls. The wires attached to Sonic's head were connected to the computers.

Knuckles was nowhere to be seen.

Amy was so mad that she wanted to beat up Tails until he couldn't feel anything ever again. She imagined Tails at Sonic's house with some sort of weapon and causing all of that destruction, "YOU JERK!" She ran over to Tails with her mallet.

Tails turned around to scream at Amy about to hit him with her mallet. He rolled out of the way in time for Amy to destroy the computer Tail's was previously working with, "What are you doing!" Tails yelled while running for his life at the same time.

Amy kept swinging her mallet at Tails and missing, making dents in the walls, "I'm protecting Sonic and getting you back for hurting the love of my life!"

Vector and Charmy came in just in time to see Amy chasing Tails with her big mallet around the metal block Sonic was lying on, "Whoa, Amy, calm down!" Vector told Amy.

"Not until I give Tails what he deserves!" Amy yelled and at the same time still chasing Tails around the room.

Vector interfered with the chase and caught Amy around the waist stopping her in her tracks, "Amy, you don't know that it was him, be rational!"

"Don't make me hurt you like last time, Vector!" Amy threatened. Amy struggled in Vector's grip when she hit Vector in the head with her mallet like last time.

Vector stumbled backwards rubbing his head, "I gotta stop doing that." He said to himself.

Tails was gone when Amy was released from Vector's grip. There was only one other door Tails could have escaped through, and it was a door opposite of the door leading to the elevator.

Amy ran towards the other door with her mallet ready. She busted through the doors looking for Tail's but he was nowhere to be seen, "Tail's, come out here so I can kick your butt!" She threatened, grasping her mallet tightly in her hands.

Out of nowhere, Knuckles came out from behind her and put a rag soaked in chloroform over Amy's mouth and nose.

Amy struggled again but it didn't last long when the chloroform was working its magic. Her eye lids got heavy and her whole body went limp until lastly she passed out and dropped her mallet on the floor.

Knuckles carried Amy in his arms with Tails following behind him, carried her to the nearest bed chamber where it was dark and softly laid her down onto the bed.

Knuckles and Tails looked down upon her unconscious body. Tails felt bad that they had to take these kinds of measures towards their friend Amy Rose, "It was for the best." Knuckles said to Tails to comfort him.

"Yea..." Tails didn't know what else to say. He was speechless.

"Once she wakes up and see's Sonic up and running, she'll see that we weren't hurting him. Everything will be back to normal." Knuckles patted Tails on the back before leaving the bed chamber through the double swinging doors.

Tail's followed Knuckles behind and let light inside the room when he passed through the doors and the darkness came back when the doors closed.

A few hours later, Amy Rose opened her eyes. She was still in a daze from the Chloroform. She slowly sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed her eyes. The room she was in was dark and quiet. The room was so quiet; she could hear talking in the distant beyond the doors in front of her. That's when she remembered what happened. Amy quickly stood up, making herself dizzy once more and almost losing her balance, "Whoa..." She said with her head spinning. She held on to the bed railing for balance until she felt normal.

Amy busted through the first door leading out of the chamber, "nothing's going to stop me from avenging Sonic." Then she busted through the doors leading to where Sonic was lying down, "Alright, Tails, you're gonna get it now..." She stopped and this time Sonic wasn't lying down unconscious, he was sitting up at the edge of the metal block with Tail's, Knuckles and 2 of the Chaotix team; Vector and Charmy standing around him, "Sonic..." She ran to his side completely ignoring everyone else that was there. She lay her head in Sonic's lap since he was sitting higher than everyone else, "Oh, Sonic I thought you were dead." She began to sob and her tears dripped off her face and onto Sonic's legs.

"No, Amy, I'm alright now." He said in monotone, almost like he was sad or just not happy. He put his hand on Amy's head.

Amy turned her head on Sonic's lap to look at everyone else, she looked down the line from the Chaotix, to Knuckles, and lastly Tails where she put her angry face on. She pointed to Tails weakly, "You're never going to hurt him again." She walked angrily towards Tails and was about to hurt him until Sonic grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Tail's didn't do anything, Amy." Sonic admitted. Sonic and Amy stared at each other for a long time until Amy awoke.

"What do you mean, I went to your house, I saw your bathroom and bedroom nearly destroyed and now I come down here and see you unconscious in Tail's underground workshop and you're going to sit there and tell me that he..." She pointed at Tails accusingly, "Didn't do anything?"

"Yes I am, because that stuff at my house happened yesterday morning. Not today."

"So he destroyed your house then?" Amy asked.

"No, Tail's didn't do any...of that." He was getting annoyed at her ignorant accusations.

"Who did it then?" Amy got close to Sonic and put his hands in hers, "I'll hurt whoever did it if you just tell me."

"If you tried to take this person on, you wouldn't be able to handle it." Sonic said taking his hands out of hers.

"Try me." Amy challenged.

Sonic hesitated for a second to tell her. He didn't want her to try to fight this thing. His eyes turned from Amy so he could think.

"Well, who was it?" Amy was getting impatient.

Sonic turned his gaze towards Amy, "It was one of Eggman's robots. Remember that robot version of me?"

"Only every day of my life. Eggman called it Metal Sonic, right?" Amy wasn't sure if she got the question right. It was a long time ago and she didn't know if her memory could go back that far.

Sonic nodded, "Yeah, it was Metal Sonic, but this one was stronger and more advanced. This one was the one me and Knuckles encountered on the sanctuary in the clouds above a long time ago." He looked at Knuckles to see if he showed any signs of remembering that day.

Knuckles nodded.

"I'm sure I can take him. Nothing's too strong or too big for my hammer to break through." Amy said with courage.

"He may be too fast for you though, he's almost faster than me." Sonic said.

"That's impossible, Sonic; you're the fastest thing ever." Amy couldn't believe anything being faster than him; he never saw anything run faster than Sonic.

"It wasn't natural speed, Amy; he had boosters so it was like he was cheating." He chuckled. He jumped onto the floor and tried to walk but he was almost as dizzy as Amy was when she woke up.

Amy caught Sonic before he could fall.

Sonic leaned against the metal block he was previously lying on.

Amy looked at Tails, "What were you doing to him anyways?"

"I was trying to overclock the chip in Sonic's brain." Tails said walking over to his computers.

Amy saw the computer she broke when she was trying to hurt Tails earlier. She felt bad about it now, "Sorry about the computer, Tails."

Tails smiled, "It's okay, Amy. All of these computers," he gestured at the other computers lined up on the walls that weren't broken, "They were running the same software I was working on. So it's like I never lost any data." Tails typed on his computer to make an X-ray picture of Sonic show up. He gestured for everyone else to come take a look.

Everyone else walked over to the computer to see what was showing on the computer screen.

"What is that?" Amy asked.

The computer screen showed a square item in Sonic's head.

"It's the chip I was trying to overclock, or to put it in simpler words, I was trying to disable it." Tails said.

"What was it doing?"

"I believe it was something Eggman invented so he could take control of Sonic with a remote control."

"How did you turn it off?"

"Well..." Tails was afraid of telling Amy the risks he had to take, it involved hurting Sonic a little bit, "We had to basically fry it, burn it up, and destroy it, etcetera."

"How would you do that, unless..." She imagined Tails opening up his head and operating, "did you do some sort of brain surgery?" She said disgusted.

"No, no, no not at all." Tails shook his hands at Amy, "You see, I just attached some wires with the sticky rubber tips to the spot where the chip is located on his head right here." He pointed at certain spots on Sonic's head in the X-ray picture, "then I just send some electric volts through his brain until the chip is destroyed."

"Don't you think it would damage his brain a little bit?" Amy asked.

"That's the risk we had to take, I can't perform brain surgery, that's too big of a risk, Amy."

Sonic still stood near the metal block. He was listening to Tails though even though it didn't look it, "I would rather take the volts than another brain surgery." He rubbed his temples, "I'd rather take a headache than a brain ache."

Amy thought about it and she realized that the date they had was probably not going to happen. It wasn't really Sonic asking her, it was a trick. She felt depressed but didn't show it around them. She moved her way through the crowd of people and made her way towards the exit door.

"Amy, where are you going?" Tails asked.

Amy didn't answer, she wanted to go home and lay in bed all day. She felt it was too good to be true that Sonic would ever want to spend time with her. She passed Sonic by the Metal block.

Sonic grabbed her hand, "Amy, is there something wrong?"

Amy wiped a tear off her face, "I'm tired..." She pulled her hand free from his and walked through the double exit doors toward the elevator. She got inside, closed the safety bars and pulled the lever upwards. The elevator started up and moved upwards to the workshop above ground. When her face was out of range from the others, she couldn't help but let her emotions go and cry. She slid down the side of the elevator and sat down holding her knees to her face. She silently wept in her knees until the elevator stopped at the top. She still didn't move and she sat there for a long time crying until she was ready to walk home with her head down.

The End

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