Lost and Still searching

Amy walked to Sonic's house with Vector and Charmy following behind her. She still felt weird with the guys coming with her. She felt that it was a girl thing and men shouldn't be involved. But one nice thing led to another nice favor and now Amy felt like she should accept Vector and Charmy's offer to back her up. It was the least she could do, and the only small thing she'll ever consider ever again. Amy knocked on Sonic's front door, "Sonic, I'm ready!" She called out to him.

There was no answer. No one came to answer the door.

"A little rude isn't he?" Vector commented.

Amy ignored Vector and knocked even harder, "Sonic, hurry up!" Amy was getting impatient. No one came to the door again and that really made Amy boil up in anger, "Okay, I'm not going to be stood up. If you're not going to come out, I'm coming in after you!" She was about to kick the door open until the door opened by itself when the wind around them picked up.

Amy put her foot down and continued inside. Gently, she pushed the door all the way open until it stopped against the wall behind it. She took one look around the living room and felt an empty vibe to it.

"This place looks deserted." Vector said following up at Amy's side.

"Sonic!" She called out to him again but her voice only carried an echo throughout the whole house. Gasping at the emptiness, Amy had a feeling that Sonic might be hurt or in trouble. Knowing the layout of Sonic's house, she sprinted to his room first. Stopping at the bathroom, she saw it was nearly destroyed. She put her hands over her mouth at the devastation, "Oh my god..." She whispered under her hands.

"Oh my, it seems like Sonic got into something bad." Vector commented.

Charmy was ahead of the group, he was in Sonic's room when he saw a dent in the wall. He called out to the others and they came as quickly as they could.

"What'd you find, Charmy?" Vector asked.

"It looks like he got knocked into the wall or something." Charmy observed.

Amy got closer to the dent in the wall, bent her knee's to get lower and rubbed her hands against the cracks in the wall. On her middle finger was a dot of blood. She rubbed her middle finger against her thumb and it seemed to still be wet and sticky when it stretched between her fingers, "We have to find Sonic," Amy suggested, "He's probably walking around somewhere in pain and I can't stand around and let him suffer like that." She stood back up and ran out of the room and towards the front door.

Vector and Charmy followed in behind her. When they got outside, Vector put his hand on Amy's shoulder from behind to stop her, "Amy, we don't even know where he is."

"Yeah, you're right. We'll have to get some help." Amy said deep in thought, nearly mumbling all of her words. Amy envisioned Sonic walking in the middle of a forest and in bleeding pain. Calling for help.

"Amy, wake up!" Vector shook her and she came back to reality.

"Oh, sorry," She then thought of someone who could possibly help, "Let's see Tails and see if he can put some people together for a, uh...search party!"

"That's a great idea!" Vector agreed happily.

"Let's do it!" Charmy happily agreeing with them.

All three of them began to run to Tail's workshop which wasn't a far run. When they showed up there, the shutters blocked them from getting inside.

"Oh no, now what are we going to do?" Charmy asked in doubt.

"I got an idea..." Amy made her mallet appear into her hands, "There's nothing too big for my hammer to bust through." She swung her mallet back and with all of her power, she swung her mallet towards the shutters. Amy's hammer made a hole in the shutter for all of them to climb through, "hmm, I thought it would've been harder." Amy said to herself.

All of them ducked through the big hole and entered the workshop. There was no one inside, the workshop looked deserted just like Sonic's house, "Is everyone on vacation or something?" Vector wondered out loud.

"Hold on guys, there's more places than this." Amy said walking around to the center table.

Vector and Charmy wore a confused face.

Amy put her hand under the table and pushed a little red button. The table made a mechanical buzz and rose up above the ground revealing an elevator underneath.

"Whoa, that's incredible!" Vector said surprisingly, "How'd you know about that?"

"I do my share of stalking once in a while." She giggled.

"Oh yea, that's right." Vector mumbled remembering that Amy's infatuated with Sonic. A little too infatuated.

Amy walked around to the entrance of the elevator, lifted a black and yellow striped bar and let herself in. She awaited the others to come in too; there was enough room for everyone else.

Vector walked into the elevator with Charmy sitting upon his shoulder.

"Alright, everyone ready?" Amy asked.

Vector and Charmy said "Yup." at the same time.

Amy pulled the lever on the control panel in front of them and the elevator began to go down with them inside.

The End

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